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Empire’s Legacy: New Book by Professor Jack Veugelers

Professor John W.P. Veugelers’ newly published book, Empire’s Legacy: Roots of a Far-Right Affinity in Contemporary France, analyzes the local politics and historical context to explain the emergence of far-right support for the National Front in Toulon. Veugelers examines the extent of far-right power at the local level and how the government can pose barriers … Read More

P2P: Paternity Leave and Fathers’ Responsibility: Evidence From a Natural Experiment in Canada

Every student in the Sociology PhD program at the University of Toronto completes the Research Practicum course in their second year. This course involves each student working directly on a research project with a faculty member through the various stages of research and writing while also meeting with other graduate students in the course to … Read More

PhD Candidate James Lannigan on Branding Practices in Media

Ph.D. Candidate James Lannigan published an article in Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Social Media & Society. The article, entitled, “Branding Practices in The New(Er) Media: A Comparison of Retailer Twitter and Web-Based Images,”compares the ways in which specialty coffee retailers use webpages and Twitter. Lannigan’s research finds that retailers post twice as many … Read More

PhD student Ferdouse Asefi on “Indigenous peoples will continue to suffer under Liberal minority”

PhD student Ferdouse Asefi recently co-authored an op-ed published by The Star, entitled “Indigenous peoples will continue to suffer under Liberal minority.” The article examines how the promises and commitments made to Indigenous peoples have often been unfulfilled and casts doubt on the Liberals’ likelihood of prioritizing reconciliation during its next term. Ferdous Asefi is … Read More

PhD Candidate Merin Oleschuk’s research featured in Eater magazine

Ph.D. Candidate Merin Oleschuk research on “foodies” in Toronto was featured in an article by Eater, entitled, “What Does ‘Authenticity’ in Food Mean in 2019?” The article claims that ‘authenticity’ in food “still matters, but its definition isn’t as simple as it used to be” because of the rising awareness of racial inequalities in its … Read More

PhD candidate Anson Au on mental health in East Asia: K-pop deaths show East Asia must end stigma surrounding mental health

PhD candidate Anson Au recently wrote an op-ed published by South China Morning Post, entitled “K-pop deaths show East Asia must end the stigma, and the solitude, that surrounds mental health.” The op-ed discusses the deaths of Korean pop stars Goo Hara and Sulli and the stigma surrounding mental health in East Asia. He argues … Read More

Professor Jerry Flores on missing and murdered Indigenous women

Professor Jerry Flores recently discussed his investigation into murdered and missing Indigenous women in Canada with the University of Toronto, Mississauga News. Professor Flores is working with local organizations to gather stories from Indigenous women on why they left home and the challenges they face in the city. His research contributes to the ongoing discussion … Read More

PhD Candidate Merin Oleschuk on “Gender, Cultural Schemas and Learning to Cook”.

Ph.D. Candidate Merin Oleschuk has published an article in Gender and Society, entitled “Gender, Cultural Schemas and Learning to Cook.” The article looks to the experience of learning to cook to understand persistent gender inequalities in family cooking. Merin Oleschuk’s research and teaching areas involve the sociology of food; consumption and consumer culture; sociology of health; sociology … Read More

PhD Candidate Patricia Louie on “Revisiting the Cost of Skin Color: Discrimination, Mastery, and Mental Health among Black Adolescents.”

Ph.D. Candidate Patricia Louie has published an article in the Journal of Society and Mental Health, entitled “Revisiting the Cost of Skin Color: Discrimination, Mastery, and Mental Health among Black Adolescents.” This study aims to investigate whether there are significant associations between skin tone and depression in a population of black adolescents. In particular, Louie … Read More

Ph.D. Candidate Amanda Couture-Carron,on “Experiences of Muslim and Non-Muslim battered immigrant women with the police in the United States”

Ph.D. Candidate Amanda Couture-Carron, in collaboration with Professor Nawal Ammar, Professor Shahid Alvi and Jaclyn San Antonio published an article in Violence Against Women, entitled “Experiences of Muslim and Non-Muslim battered immigrant women with the police in the United States: A closer understanding of commonalities and differences.” The article aims to fill the gap in knowledge concerning … Read More

PhD Candidate James Braun in “Nations and Nationalism”

Ph.D. Candidate James Braun published an article in Nations and Nationalism entitled “The strange case of ‘John Black’ and ‘Mr Hyde’: constructing migrating Jamaicans as (un)worthy nationals.”  The article uses content analysis to understand the moral constructions within Jamaica of diasporic Jamaicans. We have posted the citation and the abstract of the article below. Braun, … Read More

PhD Graduate Maria Majerski on the role of Social Capital and Networks on Immigrant Earnings

PhD Graduate Maria Majerski has published an article in The Sociological Quarterly that examines the earning of immigrant and native-born men in Canada. The article demonstrates that while immigrants have higher levels of education, they still earn less than native-born Canadians due to the effects of human capital and visible minority status. Maria Majerski has successfully … Read More

PhD Candidate Gabriel Menard, in collaboration with Professor Robert Brym and Melissa Godbout, Andreas Hoffbauer, and Tony Huiquan Zhang, on Social Media in the 2011 Egyptian Uprising

Ph.D. Candidates Gabriel Menard and Melissa Godbout, in collaboration with Professor Robert Brym, and PhD graduates Andreas Hoffbauer, and Tony Huiquan Zhang, have published an article in The British Journal of Sociology, entitled “Social media in the 2011 Egyptian uprising.” The article examines the role of new electronic communications media in the 2011 Egyptian uprising. … Read More

PhD Candidate Jean-François Nault on French Ontario and Catholicism in the Schooling Context

Ph.D. Candidate Jean-François Nault has published an article in Études d’histoire religieuse, entitled “Le choix de l’école catholique de langue française en Ontario : mutations du rapport identitaire des Franco-Ontariens au catholicisme.” The article examines the cultural and identity ties Franco-Ontarians have with Catholicism in the schooling context. Jean-François Nault is a Ph.D. Candidate at … Read More

PhD Graduate M. Omar Faruque on subaltern resistance and politics

Ph.D. Graduate M. Omar Faruque published an article in Asian Journal of Political Science, entitled “Mining and Subaltern Politics: Political Struggle against Neoliberal Development in Bangladesh.” The article examines  Bangladeshi resistance to a multinational coal mining company. Omar Faruque received his Ph.D. in June 2019. He successfully defended his dissertation entitled, Mining Capitalism and Contentious … Read More

Ph.D. Candidate Chang Lin on aging with technology

Ph.D. Candidate Chang Z. Lin, co-authored and published an article in the Canadian Journal of Communication, entitled, “Aging with Technology: Seniors and Mobile Connections.” The article investigates seniors’ use of mobile technology with a sample in East York. He finds a persistent generational digital divide, with seniors lagging behind other age groups in adopting mobile devices. Chang … Read More

Ph.D. Candidate Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson on Derry’s mobilization for the decriminalization of abortion

Ph.D. Candidate Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson recently published an article in the journal Irish Political Studies, entitled, “Beyond green and orange: the alliance for choice – Derry’s mobilization for the decriminalization of abortion.” The article explores the ways in which restrictions on activists for the decriminalization of abortion in Derry affected the activists’ strategies. Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson is a … Read More

PhD Candidate Brigid Burke on education for sustainable development

Ph.D. Candidate Brigid Burke has co-authored and published an article in the Sustainability, entitled, “Reflecting on Education for Sustainable Development through Two Lenses: Ability Studies and Disability Studies.” The article explores the under-representation of disabled people in Education for Sustainable Development discourse (ESD) and the potential benefits of lessons from Disability and Ability Studies to the field … Read More

Professor Scott Schieman’s research featured in “The Conversation”

Professor Scott Schieman recently co-authored a piece entitled, “Workers in the gig economy feel lonely and powerless,”  in The Conversation. The article discusses  findings from a study that Schieman conducted with co-investigators Professor Paul Glavin from McMaster University, and Professor Alex Bierman from the University of Calgary. Based on a survey of over 2,000 working … Read More