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Ph.D. Candidate Laila Omar, on “Listening in Arabic”

Ph.D. candidate Laila Omar co-authored and published an article in Meridian, entitled “Listening in Arabic: Feminist Research with Syrian Refugee Mothers”. The article takes a feminist approach to research and is highly conscious of the unequal relations between women at the intersection of class, race, citizenship status as well as several other categories that represent asymmetrical … Read More

Professor Sharla Alegria on women in the tech sector

The Faculty of Arts and Science recently profiled Professor Sharla Alegria’s research on the tech sector.  Focusing partly on Professor Alegria’s recently published in article in Gender & Society, the article also speaks broadly about Alegria’s passion for her research in the sociology of work. Sharla Alegria is an assistant professor of sociology at the … Read More

Professor Jerry Flores on missing and murdered Indigenous women

Professor Jerry Flores recently discussed his investigation into murdered and missing Indigenous women in Canada with the University of Toronto, Mississauga News. Professor Flores is working with local organizations to gather stories from Indigenous women on why they left home and the challenges they face in the city. His research contributes to the ongoing discussion … Read More

Ph.D. Candidate Amanda Couture-Carron,on “Experiences of Muslim and Non-Muslim battered immigrant women with the police in the United States”

Ph.D. Candidate Amanda Couture-Carron, in collaboration with Professor Nawal Ammar, Professor Shahid Alvi and Jaclyn San Antonio published an article in Violence Against Women, entitled “Experiences of Muslim and Non-Muslim battered immigrant women with the police in the United States: A closer understanding of commonalities and differences.” The article aims to fill the gap in knowledge concerning … Read More

“Syndicate Women”: New Book by Professor Chris Smith

Professor Chris Smith’s newly published book, “Syndicate Women,” illuminates the blind spot created by women’s erasure from organized crime history.  The book details the organizational change around gender and power that occurred in Chicago in the early 1900s, providing an insightful lens for exploring the social processes that these women navigated within the criminal economies … Read More

PhD Graduate Kat Kolar on Timeline Mapping in Qualitative Interviews

Ph.D. Graduate Kat Kolar in collaboration with Professor Farah Ahmad, Linda Chan, and Professor Patricia Erickson, published an article in the International Journal of Qualitative Methods, entitled “Timeline Mapping in Qualitative Interviews: A Study of Resilience with Marginalized Groups.” The study contributes to the literature on visual methods. It does so by providing an analysis of … Read More

PhD Candidate Amanda Couture-Carron on Dating Abuse Against Women in a Cultural Context

PhD Candidate Amanda Couture-Carron published an article in Journal of Interpersonal Violence, entitled “One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Dating Abuse Against Women From the Perspective of South Asian Muslim Youth in Canada.” The article explores dating abuse against women among South Asian Muslim women. The article finds sociocultural variation in the meanings of dating behaviour … Read More

PhD Graduate Judy Beglaubter on the Gendered Difference of Parental Leave

PhD Graduate Judy Beglaubter published an article in Canadian Review of Sociology that examines heterosexual couple’s decisions regarding parental leave.  She explores whether these decisions are motivated by the desire for the parent to be at home, or if they were compelled by their circumstance. Judy Beglaubter obtained her PhD in Sociology at the University of Toronto … Read More

Congratulations to PhD student Andrea Roman Alfaro, recipient of Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Congratulations to Phd student Andrea Roman Alfaro, who recently learned that she was awarded one of the 2019 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships! Vanier Canada Scholarships are among the most prestigious scholarships available to graduate students studying in Canadian institutions. Vanier scholars are chosen based on their academic excellence, research potential and leadership potential and demonstrated … Read More

Congratulations to PhD students Dana Wray and Laila Omar on receiving Best Student Paper Award and Honourable Mention from the Canadian Sociological Association

The Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) has awarded their Best Student Paper prize to PhD student Dana Wray, with an Honourable Mention going to another of our graduate students, Laila Omar. Both of the papers were originally papers written for the Second Year PhD Research Practicum course. Dana’s paper was titled,”Can Paternity Leave Policy Change Father … Read More

PhD Graduate Salina Abji on Anti-Border Movements and Gender Based Violence

PhD Graduate Salina Abji has recently published an article in the international Feminist Journal of Politics. The article investigates postnational-feminist approaches to gender-based violence in the contemporary immigration context. The article examines how for some advocates, a postnational politics deeply informed their criticisms of state borders and restrictive immigration controls as fundamental sources of gendered and racialized violence. Salina … Read More

Ariel Kenny observes hegemonic masculinity in a DIY punk dive bar in U of T’s Undergraduate Sociology Journal

Ariel Kenny published “‘You Gotta Touch Her Again. You Gotta Lick Her Again’: Observing Hegemonic Masculinity in a DIY Punk Dive Bar” in Volume I of the Undergraduate Sociology Journal (USJ). The article analyzes how both heterosocial and homosocial interactions may reproduce or subvert hegemonic masculinity in the nightlife of the “do it yourself” (DIY) punk … Read More

Professor Judith Taylor comments on the growing ‘femtech’ market

In an article by CBC News, Professor Judith Taylor commented on  “femtech,” a growing form of technology focused on women’s health. The article discussed both the liberating possibilities of women having use of data about their reproductive health and the risks of growing private sector surveillance over various aspects of their reproductive lives. Professor Taylor … Read More

PhD graduate Kat Kolar on HIV Prevention in Indoor Sex Markets

PhD Candidate Kat Kolar, in collaboration with Vicky Bungay (UBC), Soni Thindal, Valencia Remple (UBC), Caitlin Johnston, and Gina Ogilve, published an article in Health Promotion Practice. The authors find that there is an urgent need for HIV/STI prevention initiatives among commercial sex workers. They offer recommendations for programs to address this need in various communities. Kat … Read More

PhD graduate Kat Kolar on Condom Use in the Indoor Sex Industry

PhD graduate Kat Kolar, in collaboration with Ingrid Handlovsky and Vicky Bungay (UBC), published an article in Culture, Health & Sexuality. The article analyzes condom use in the indoor sex industry in Vancouver. The authors argue that context has an important impact on whether condoms are used and initiatives to encourage condom use must take this … Read More

PhD Graduate Salina Abji on State Responsibility and Violence Against Women

PhD Graduate Salina Abji published an article in Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society that analyzes the relationship between state power and women’s rights. She explores the political advocacy within the “Shelter | Sanctuary | Status” Campaign formed by feminist and migrant rights groups in protest of the searching of women’s shelters for … Read More

PhD Candidate Katelin Albert on the Contributions of Feminist Sociology

PhD Candidate Katelin Albert published an article in The American Sociologist that critiques Stephen Turner’s (2013) book, American Sociology: From Pre-Disciplinary to Post-Normal. She argues that Turner’s theorization of what constitutes as elite or non-elite sociology “under-explores” the contributions of feminist sociology to the discipline. Katelin Albert is currently a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of … Read More

PhD Candidate Catherine Cheng and Professor Hae Yeon Choo on Women’s Migration for Domestic Work and Cross-Border Marriage

PhD Candidate Catherine Cheng and Professor Hae Yeon Choo published an article that reviews the literature on women’s migration in East and Southeast Asia for the purposes of domestic work and cross-border marriage. The article highlights the interconnections between migration for domestic work and migration for marriage in East and Southeast Asia. Catherine Cheng is a PhD … Read More

PhD Graduate Kim de Laat and Professor Shyon Baumann on Caring Consumption as Marketing Schema

PhD Graduate Kim de Laat and Sociology Professor Shyon Baumann published an article in the Journal of Gender Studies that analyzes Canadian television advertisements and their role in reproducing ideas about gender and motherhood. They find that women depicted as mothers in advertisements were portrayed as consuming for the benefit of others, while women who were not … Read More

PhD Graduate Kim de Laat and Professor Judith Taylor on Feminist Internships and Political Activism

PhD Graduate Kim de Laat and Professor Judith Taylor published an article in Feminist Formations that examines the effect of the institutionalization of the women’s movement on younger generation’s perceptions of political activism. Through interviews conducted with university students who participated in “feminist internships”, the authors find that “progressive social-movement organizations” can negatively affect students’ perceptions of … Read More