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Research Methods

Congratulations to Professor Ethan Fosse on receiving the Connaught New Researcher Award

Congratulations to Professor Ethan Fosse, whose work has been recognized with the Connaught New Researcher Award. Professor Fosse is one of six sociology faculty members to receive this award in 2019. The annual award provides up to $20,000 to new tenure-stream faculty members, and is intended to help them establish a strong research program, and … Read More

Congratulations to Professor Monica Alexander on receiving the Connaught New Researcher Award

Congratulations to Professor Monica Alexander, whose work has been recognized with the Connaught New Researcher Award. Professor Alexander is one of six sociology faculty members to receive this award in 2019. The annual award provides up to $20,000 to new tenure-stream faculty members, and is intended to help them establish a strong research program, and … Read More

Working Paper 2019-02

Decentering methodological nationalism to survey the chutes and ladders of precarious legal status trajectories Patricia Landolt, University of Toronto Luin Goldring, York University Paul Pritchard, University of Toronto UT Sociology Working Paper No. 2019-02 July 2019 Keywords: precarious legal status trajectories, methodological nationalism, survey design, administrative data, frontline epistemologies Full Article Abstract Methodological nationalism limits … Read More

Professor Jooyoung Lee on developing ethnographies of gun violence

Professor Jooyoung Lee recently published an article on Items, where he discusses the concept of “social loss” and taking an ethnographic approach to studies of gun violence. Professor Lee discusses how victim-centered research has helped him understand the social losses felt by victims, their families, and entire communities after a shooting. Through this approach, and … Read More

PhD Graduate Kat Kolar and Professor Adam Green on HIV Prevention Science

PhD graduate Kat Kolar and Professor Adam Green published an article in Sociology of Health & Illness that outlines their content analysis of HIV prevention science funded by the National Institute of Health. Green & Kolar find that research into intervention takes a biomedical approach, but prevention research that focuses on risk factors tends to be … Read More

PhD graduate Kat Kolar on the Recruitment of Research Participants from Marginalized Communities

PhD graduate Kat Kolar, in collaboration with Chris Atchinson (UVic), published an article in Social Science Computer Review. The article explores how the internet and technology can aid researchers in recruiting difficult to find research participants when individuals may otherwise avoid participating due to fear of stigma. Kat Kolar obtained her PhD in Sociology from the … Read More

PhD Graduate Marie-Pier Joly on Resaearch & Policy-Making for Migrant Families

PhD Graduate Marie-Pier Joly published an article, in collaboration with Professor Anita Gagnon and Jacqueline Bocking from McGill University, in Health Research and Policy Systems. The article examines research resulting from the Metropolis Project, which began in 1996 in an effort to create a stronger connection between health research and policy-making. The authors specifically analyze what proportion of … Read More

PhD Candidate Merin Oleschuk on Community-Based Participatory Research

PhD Candidate Merin Oleschuk, in collaboration with Professor Maria Mayan, Sanchia Lo, Anna Paucholo, and Daley Laing (all from the University of Alberta), published an article in Engaged Scholar Journal. The article examines the role of leadership in community-based participatory research. The authors argue that leadership in these research projects, and how it is developed, is … Read More

PhD Candidate Athena Engman on Statistical Significance in Quantitative Sociology

PhD Candidate Athena Engman published an article in Quality and Quantity that examines the concept of statistical significance, its history, and the consequences of its misinterpretation. She argues that the potential consequences of the misuse of the concept of statistical significance outweigh its benefits. Athena Engman is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Toronto. … Read More

PhD Graduate Guang Ying Mo and Professor Barry Wellman on Sequencing in Social Networks

PhD Graduate Guang Ying Mo and Professor Barry Wellman published an article in the Bulletin of Sociological Methodology that discusses the role of the concept of sequencing in social networking research. Sequencing refers to the prioritization of some network actors over others and the authors argue that this concept has important implications for understanding the connection … Read More

Professor Andrew Miles sheds light on the foundations of moral differences

How do differences in morality emerge? Professor Andrew Miles is currently conducting SSHRC-funded research (IDG 2018) to understand the foundations of moral differences. While morality’s effects are often beneficial for individuals and societies, moral differences can also generate sharp disagreement, as evidenced by continued controversies in Canada and elsewhere surrounding abortion, same sex marriage, and … Read More

“There’s Inequality in Death”: Professor Monica Alexander Featured in UofT News

Professor Monica Alexander was featured and interviewed in UofT News for her research on how marginalized populations are disproportionately vulnerable to conditions or events that can cause an early or unnatural death. By analyzing data on when, how and who dies, researchers like Professor Alexander can learn a lot about how to improve or even … Read More

PhD Candidate Katelin Albert on Research Funding in the Social Sciences

In an article published in the Canadian Journal of Sociology, PhD Candidate Katelin Albert studies the impact of the shift in Canadian social science research funding from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR). Albert argues that the structure and distribution of CIHR funding allows it … Read More

Professor Neda Maghbouleh and Professor Jasmine Rault Featured on UTM’s View to the U Podcast

Professors Neda Maghbouleh and Jasmine Rault were featured on the UTM research podcast, View to the U. They discuss the research they are currently working on, including topics such as race, immigration, sexuality, archives, and digital humanities. The podcast provides a fascinating look into what really goes into conducting a research study. Dr. Maghbouleh’s work … Read More

PhD Graduate Kat Kolar on the Concept of Resilience

PhD graduate Kat Kolar published an article in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction that explores the theoretical concept of resilience and its role in social science research. Kolar outlines the concept’s history, its relationship with risk, and its application for research on the development of children and adolescents. Kat Kolar obtained her PhD in … Read More

Working Paper 2018-03

Visualizing demographic evolution using geographically inconsistent census data Fabio Dias, University of Toronto Daniel Silver, University of Toronto UT Sociology Working Paper No. 2018-03 March 2018 (updated November, 2018) Keywords: Human-centered computing; Visualization; Visualization application domains; Visual analytics; Mathematics of computing; Probability and statistics; Statistical paradigms; Exploratory data analysis Full Article Abstract Census measurements provide … Read More

Working Paper 2018-01

A Regression-with-Residuals Method for Estimating Controlled Direct Effect Xiang Zhou, Harvard University Geoffrey T. Wodtke, University of Toronto UT Sociology Working Paper No. 2018-01 March 2018 Keywords: Regression Analysis; Methods Full Article Abstract In a recent contribution, Acharya, Blackwell and Sen (2016) described the method of sequential g-estimation for estimating the controlled direct effect (CDE). … Read More

Working Paper 2017-01

Regression-Based Adjustment for Time-Varying Confounders Geoff Wodtke, University of Toronto UT Sociology Working Paper No. 2017-01 May 2017 Keywords:  marginal structural models, structural nested mean models, inverse probability of treatment weighting, regression with residuals, time-varying confounders Full article Abstract Social scientists are often interested in estimating the marginal effects of a time-varying treatment on an … Read More

Ping-Chun Hsiung’s “Lives and Legacies”provides interactive instruction in qualitative interviewing

Teaching the skills needed for qualitative interviewing poses particular challenges. Students need to learn how to frame and ask questions, how to practice reflexivity, and how to analyze interview data. Such skills cannot be learned simply by reading about them in a textbook. Recognizing that practice provides the best way to learn the skills involved … Read More

Alexandra Marin studying ties that change

Relationships change over time and ties that were once significant sometimes fade or disappear from sight. Having once existed, however, these ties still hold the potential to re-emerge at a later time, mobilized like sleeper cells when circumstances or needs change. This year, Professor Alexandra Marin received a grant from the American Sociological Association’s Fund … Read More