Emine Fidan Elcioglu

Email: fidan.elcioglu@utoronto.ca

Office: 725 Spadina; Rm. 358

UTSC Office: HL464

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Emine Fidan Elcioglu

Assistant Professor



Emine Fidan Elcioglu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology. Professor Elcioglu recieved a B.A. in economics and history from the University of Chicago in 2006 and a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of California at Berkeley in 2016. Her areas of expertise include political sociology, immigration, work and labor, social theory, and qualitative methods.

Her current research, ‘The State Effect and The Politics of Immigration in Arizona’, uses the insights of political sociology to shed light on the grassroots struggles that take place at one of the most important points of unauthorized entry for migrants at the US-Mexico border. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork and interviews with both pro-immigrant activists and immigration restrictionist activists, she analyzes how participants in these opposing movements experience state power and how their disparate understandings of state, society, and power shape their goals and strategies.

Her research has been published as peer-reviewed articles in Social Problems, Ethnography, Working USA, and Qualitative Sociology.