Shyon Baumann


Office: 725 Spadina; Rm. 348

UTM Office: DV3230

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Shyon Baumann

Associate Professor 



Professor Baumann’s work addresses questions of evaluation, legitimacy, status, cultural schemas, and inequality. Past work has examined these concepts in relation to Hollywood cinema, television, commercials, and advertising imagery.

He continues to work, with Josée Johnston, on the sociology of food. In 2015 they published the second edition of Foodies: Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foodscape (Routledge), and have recently published on “ethical” food consumption and food politics. They are currently working on a SSRHC-funded project on the meat industry, which examines consumption practices and the historical and contemporary meanings of meat consumption in North America.

Another project underway is a study of the framing of economic inequality in news articles, with a special focus on the impact of the Occupy Movement on public discourse on inequality. This work examines how differences in the discursive opportunity structures in the United States and Canada influenced how the Occupy movement was received in each country.


Recent Publications

Baumann, Shyon, Michelle Szabo, and Josée Johnston. Forthcoming. “Understanding the food preferences of people of low socioeconomic status.” Journal of Consumer Culture.

Baumann, Shyon, Athena Engman, Emily Huddart-Kennedy, and Josée Johnston. 2017. “Organic vs. local: Comparing individualist and collectivist motivations for “ethical” food consumption.” Canadian Food Studies 4,1:68-86.

de Laat, Kim, and Shyon Baumann. 2016. “Caring consumption as marketing schema: representations of motherhood in an era of hyperconsumption.” Journal of Gender Studies 25,2: 183-199.

Baumann, Shyon, Athena Engman, and Josée Johnston. 2015. “Political consumption, conventional politics, and high cultural capital.” International Journal of Consumer Studies 39,5:413-421.