Graduate Students

Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral Candidates are PhD students who have completed their course work, and comprehensive exams, and have successfully defended their Dissertation proposals.

Aya Bar Oz
The sanctity of life and unsacred death: Negotiating the value of life in the state organization.
Committee: Levi (Supervisor), Dinovitzer, D. Silver
Gabe MenardGabe Menard
Explaining Variation in the Development of Regulatory Regimes: Network Neutrality and Internet Service Provision Regulations in the U.S. and UK, 1984-2015
Committee: Veugelers (Supervisor), Pettinicchio, Pernell, Myles News

James Braun
Local Culture” and the Problem of Coordination: The Case of Jamaica’s Diasporic Real Estate Market
Committee: Landolt (Supervisor), Salem, Trotz

Jean-Francois Nault
Culture and Private School Choice: Uncovering the Cultural Dimensions of School Choice as Action
Committee: Childress and Baumann (Co-Supervisors), Davies

Gordon Brett
The Embodied Dimensions of Creativity
Committee: Leschziner (Supervisor), D. Silver, Mullen

Paul Andrew Nelson
Scaling-Up Local Food Systems: The Role of Cultural Intermediaries in Shaping Value and Transmitting Ideas about “Alternative” Food Production
Committee: Johnston (Supervisor), Baumann, Childress
Amanda Couture-Carron
Pathways to Deviance Across Immigrant Generations
Committee: Tanner and Wortley (co-supervisors), Boyd
Jaime NikolauJaime Nikolaou
Gauging Longevity: Indicators from Canada’s Reproductive Health Movement
Committee: Taylor (Supervisor), Fox, Pettinicchio

Athena EngmanAthena Engman
Organ Transplantation and the Variability of ‘Embodied’ Experience
Committee: Leschziner (Supervisor), D. Silver, Bryant, Schneiderhan  News
Merin OleschukMerin Oleschuk 
Health and Cooking in Value and Practice: A Mixed Methods Study of Food in Family Life.
Committee: Johnston (Supervisor), Baumann, Milkie  News
Melissa Godbout
Corruption, Employment Inconsistency, and Getting Ahead
Committee: Anderson, Veugelers, Brym
Jason Pagaduan
Aging Fitness Communities: A comparative case study of active aging communities in Scarborough.
Committee: Baumann and Johnston (co-supervisors), Schafer
Cinthya Guzman
Boredom in (inter)action: A Sociological Study
Committee: D.Silver (supervisor), Milkie, Fosse, Schneiderhan News
Matt Parbst
The Moderating Role of Social Policies on the Association between Social Inequalities and Mental Health: Evidence from the Effects of SES, Gender, and Marital Status on Depression
Committee: Wheaton (Supervisor), Milkie, Siddiqi, Boeckmann News
Joshua HaroldJoshua Harold
Mnemonic Boundaries: Historical Experience and Ethnic Boundary Making
Committee: Fong (Supervisor), D. Silver, Baumann
Kerri ScheerKerri Scheer
Producing Law and Governance: A case study of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario Disciplinary Process
Committee: Maurutto (Supervisor), Goodman, Valverde
Bahar Hashemi
Women’s negotiations over citizenship rights in mixed status families in Canada: the case of sponsored spouses and parents and grandparents who arrive through the super visa
Committee: Landolt (supervisor),  Cranford, Choo    News
Rachel SchumannRachel Schumann
Families as Civilian Jailers: Exploring Accused-Family Relationships within the Context of Bail in Ontario
Committee: Kruttschnitt (Supervisor), Goodman, Dinovitzer
Sean HayesSean Hayes
Ethnic Concentration & Labour Market Outcomes in Early 20th Century Canada
Committee: Jones, Marin, Bryant
Ioana SendroiuIoana Sendroiu
Inventing Law: Legitimating Post-World War Two Political Regimes in Romania and France.
Committee: Levi (Supervisor), Pernell, Dinovitzer, Liu News
Angela HickAngela Hick
Mark of the Non-conviction Record: Police Contact and Employment Experiences
Committee: Welsh and Hannah-Moffat (Co-Supervisors), Goodman
Jason SettelsJason Settels
The Multi-Contextual Effects Through Which Environmental Economic Declines Impact Older Persons’ Quality of Life
Committee: Schafer (Supervisor), Berry, Wodtke News
Alexandra Hunter
Continuum of Carelessness: Paradoxes of Mental Health Care in Corrections
Committee: Hannah-Moffat, Goodman, Matheson
Sarah ShahSarah Shah
Negotiating Power in Muslim Couples: Gender Strategies, Religious Resources, and New Bargaining Contexts
Committee: Salem and Korteweg (Co-Supervisors), Baber
James Jeong
A Special Type of Social Control?: Explaining Victimization and Delinquent Behaviors of Immigrants and Their Children.
Committee:  Boyd and Tanner (Co-supervisors), Fong
Anna SlavinaAnna Slavina
Repertoires of Political Engagement: Individual and Contextual Factors
Committee: Brym (Supervisor), Wodtke, Levi
Timothy KangTimothy Kang
Partners and Crime: Contemporary Unions and Desistance from Crime During the Transition to Adulthood
Committee: Kruttschnitt (Supervisor), Apel, Boeckmann
Yukiko Tanaka
Decolonizing Immigrant Settlement: Immigrant Belonging in the Settler State
Committee: Cranford (supervisor), Farah Schwartzman, Adese
Noga Keidar
Cities and their Gurus: Why the Links Between Urban Studies and Cities Took the Shape of ‘Gurus’ and Their ‘Followers’? 
Committee:  D. Silver (Supervisor), Liu, Hannigan
Urban Clinic Page
Chris TathamChris Tatham
Sexuality, Human Rights, Prevention and the Criminalization of Non-Disclosure of HIV in Canada
Committee: Green (Supervisor), Maurutto, Kruttschnitt
Yang-Sook KimYang-Sook Kim
The Politics of Care: A Comparative Study of Co-ethnic and Local Women Workers in the Domestic and Long-term Care Market of South Korea
Committee: Cranford (Supervisor), Choo, Chun
S.W. Underwood
Modern Daddies and Papas: Family, Parenting and Masculinities among Gay Co-Fathers
Committee: Fox (Supervisor), Taylor, Adam    News
James Gerald Patrick Lannigan
Discourse and structure: An examination of the organizational identities and networks of contemporary specialty coffee retailers
Committee: Erickson (Supervisor), Childress, Johnston  
Anelyse WeilerAnelyse Weiler
The Periphery in the Core: Investigating Migration, Agrarian Citizenship and Metabolic Rift Through a Case Study of the Apple
Committee: Johnston (Supervisor), Chun, Whittman  News
Chang Z. LinChang Z. Lin
Theorizing Dormancy
Committee: Erickson (Supervisor), Schafer, Marin News
Lawrence WilliamsLawrence Williams
Meaning at Work: How Expectations Shape Careers
Committee: Leschziner (Supervisor), Korteweg, Tilcsik  News
Patricia LouiePatricia Louie
Complicating Race in the Study of Mental and Physical Health
Committee: Wheaton (Supervisor), Milkie, Siddiqi News
Burin YildiztekinBurin Yildiztekin
The Liminality, Mundanity and Sacredness of Place: The Case of the Western Wall
Committee: D. Silver (Supervisor), Baumann, Ragab

PhD Students (pre-dissertation)

MA Students

Stephanie Mary Grace Babinski

Claudia Abigail Borja Calonga

Makenzie Marie Correa

David Cowan