1995-1999 PhD alumni

This table includes all of the alumni for whom we have data. If you are one of our alumni or know someone who isn’t listed or is listed incorrectly, please contact Sherri Klassen at research.sociology@utoronto.ca.

Last NameFirst NameYear GraduatedEmployerPosition
AdamsTracey Lynn1997Western UniversityProfessor and Chair of Sociology
AmorMeir1999Concordia UniversityAssociate Professor
AtasoyYildiz1998Simon FraserProfessor
ChungJinjoo1996Institute for Society & HealthDirector
KassamMeenaz1996American University of SharjahProfessor
KimAndrew Woonki (Andrew Eungi)1996Korea UniversityProfessor
Klassennon1995York UniversityProfessor
LeblancSuzanne1995selfIndustrial Sociologist, Human Resources and Labor Relations Specialist
MacmillanIan Ross1998University of BocconiProfessor
MannRuth Marie1996University of WindsorAssociate Professor
ManuelLisa Kimberley Catherine1995Family Service TorontoDirector, Changing Lives and Family Violence Programs
MarinoFranco1998Kwantlen Polytechnic UniversityProfessor
McmullinJulie Ann1996University of WesternJulie McMullin Vice-Provost & Associate VP
MookodiGodisang Bridget1999University of BotswanaSenior Lecturer
Obosu-MensahKwaku1998Lorain County Community CollegeAssociate Professor
OkolieAndrew Chukwukere1995Ontario Institute for Studies in EducationProfessor
PotterStephanie Melissa1999SP Consulting and the Whetstone GroupPrincipal
PuriDeepika1999York Region District School BoardHigh School Teacher
SinghSimboonath1997CUNYAssistant Professor
SmithTrevor Hugh Frise1996Nipissing UniversityAssociate Professor and Chair
SuyyaghFayiz H.1995University of JordanDirector
TheriaultLuc1995University of New BrunswickProfessor and Acting Assistant Dean, School of Graduate Studies
WinstonNessa1996University College DublinSenior Lecturer
WortleyNorman Scot1996University of Toronto, CriminologyAssociate Professor
XiaGuang1997Macao Polytechnic InstituteProfessor
YangBoxu1998Peking UniversityProfessor
ZawilskiValerie Sarah-Elizabeth1996King's Western UniversityAssociate Professor