Statement Regarding Racialized Violence

Racialized violence is an endemic problem of Canadian society. The most recent examples of violence against Black people have sparked outrage around the world. Each instance of police brutality threatens not just individuals but the legitimacy of society as a whole. These instances are not isolated events. They are connected to larger systems that reproduce … Read More

Practicum Annual Conference – PAC – 2021

We welcome this opportunity to hear about the exciting research projects of our second-year Ph.D. students! Papers will be presented the following times on April 7th, 8th and 9th 10:00 AM – 11:50 AM 1:00 PM – 2:10 PM Zoom information: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 897 2334 4975 Passcode: E842ft Below is the … Read More

U of T Sociologists at the 2020 ASA

This year, 52 faculty members and graduate students from Sociology at the University of Toronto are participating in the Annual Meeting of the American Sociology Association (ASA). In addition to the people presenting papers, some members are also participating as session organizers, discussants, or journal editorial panelists. This year, the meeting will take place online. … Read More

Sociology Research Contributes to Lessening the Impact of COVID-19

Many of the Faculty in the Sociology Department have recently adjusted their research to address issues arising as a result of COVID-19 as well as the social distancing and economic shutdown that have been put in place to contain the pandemic. Four sociology faculty members have recently had their projects funded by the Toronto COVID-19 … Read More

Feminist Seminar: Trans-Inclusive Interventions within Institutions Possibilities, Limitations, and Strategies

The Department of Sociology’s recently established Ad Hoc Committee on Gender and Sexual Diversity will host a roundtable discussion exploring interventions for making educational institutions more inclusive for transgender and gender non-binary (trans) students. The conversation will include voices from both within and beyond academia to explore questions such as: What makes interventions within educational … Read More

Graduate Students

Doctoral Candidates Doctoral Candidates are PhD students who have completed their course work, and comprehensive exams, and have successfully defended their Dissertation proposals. Amny Athamny Keeping It All A Halal Muslim Was Never Harder: Identity Formation Among Second Generation Muslims in Canadian Urban Centers  Committee: Landolt (supervisor), Reitz, D. Silver News Andreea Mogosanu … Read More