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PhD student Ferdouse Asefi’s op-ed ‘Empty words and promises are not a serious attempt at reconciliation’ in the Hamilton Spectator

PhD student Ferdouse Asefi recently wrote an op-ed, Empty words and promises are not a serious attempt at reconciliation, in the Hamilton Spectator. The article outlines the numerous failures by the federal Liberal government to keep their promises to achieve reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, as well as insufficient gestures towards reconciliation by Conservative party members. From … Read More

Professor Tahseen Shams featured on “Pandemics” – the first episode of Migrations: A World on the Move Podcast

Professor Tahseen Shams was recently featured in the first episode of Migrations: A World on the Move Podcast, titled Pandemics. In this episode, Professor Shams spoke with host Eleanor Paynter and guests Dr. Gunisha Kaur and Dr. Katie Fiorella on the topic of how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped our understanding of borders and migration. Professor Shams … Read More

PhD graduate Tony Zhang and Professor Brym’s publication selected by John Wiley & Sons to promote LGBT+ History Month in the UK

A 2019 publication titled Tolerance of Homosexuality in 88 Countries: Education, Political Freedom, and Liberalism by PhD graduate Tony Zhang and Professor Robert Brym was recently selected for a special collection in John Wiley & Sons as one of five journal articles across disciplines and published over the last two decades to promote LGBT+ History Month … Read More

Congratulations Professor Akwasi Owusu-Bempah! – Recipient of 2020 African Scholars Award

Congratulations to Professor Akwasi Owusu-Bempah who is the recipient of a 2020 African Scholars Award! Professor Owusu-Bempah was recognized for his consistent engagement with both Canadian and international media outlets to share his research and insights on the intersections of race, crime, and criminal justice. The African Scholars Awards were created by the African Alumni … Read More

Professor Jerry Flores’ personal story with education and academia featured in a new University of Toronto Magazine article

Professor Jerry Flores was recently featured in the University of Toronto Magazine. The article recounts Flores’ personal experiences in education as a young marginalized person, what redirected his path towards higher education, and some of the projects he has worked on to “participate in social justice” as an academic. Professor Flores is an Assistant Professor … Read More

Professor David Pettinicchio’s featured by Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor David Pettinicchio was recently featured in an article posted on the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences website. This article provides an overview of various Canadian researchers and highlights Pettinicchio for his collaborative efforts with Professor Michelle Maroto of the University of Alberta in their research to understand the effects of COVID-19 among people … Read More

Professor Akwasi Owusu-Bempah follows up on Canada’s two-year anniversary of marijuana legalization – The New York Times

Professor Akwasi Owusu-Bempah was recently featured in a New York Times article, following up on the consequences in Canada’s legal system after two years of legalizing cannabis. This article reviewed the changes that marijuana legalization promised to make for Canadian society, and whether or not these changes were effective. Owusu-Bempah argues that the legalization did help reduce … Read More

Foodie culture in the COVID-19 era: Professor Josée Johnston, Shyon Baumann and UIC’s Merin Oleschuk’s new article in the American Sociological Association’s Footnotes

Professors Josée Johnston and Shyon Baumann recently published an article with recent PhD graduate Merin Oleschuk (currently Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) in the American Sociological Association’s member newsletter Footnotes. Titled “Foodie Tensions in Tough Times”, the authors review social pressures and inequalities heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, and their effects … Read More

Congratulations Professor Melissa Milkie! – 2021 President of the Work and Family Researchers Network

Congratulations to Professor Melissa Milkie who was recently elected as President of the Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN) for the 2021-2022 year. The WFRN seeks to connect academics who research interactions between work and the family from around the globe, facilitating collaboration and conversation while also engaging with and encouraging future work and family … Read More

PhD student Man Xu’s new article: ‘The Sky-High Dreams of Yiwu’s Grassroots Cosmopolitans’ on Sixth Tone

PhD student Man Xu’s new article The Sky-High Dreams of Yiwu’s Grassroots Cosmopolitans is featured in Sixth Tone, an online publication that provides content on contemporary China.  Man’s blog examines how Yiwu is redefining cosmopolitanism, moving away from an exclusive lifestyle meant only for the societal elite to a culture created in a thriving global city … Read More

Professor Anna Korteweg on View to the U – her work, research stories, and inspiration

Professor Anna Korteweg appeared on the University of Toronto Mississauga research podcast View to the U to speak about her current work, research stories, and what inspires her. In the podcast she reviewed some of the general research questions found throughout her work. Some of these question include how the labelling of immigrants by national … Read More

Professor Scott Schieman on remote work during COVID-19, inequality, and the future of how we think about work – CBC Radio

Professor Scott Schieman spoke with Ontario Morning’s Julianne Hazelwood on CBC Radio January 13th about his ongoing research on the impact of COVID-19 on how Canadians balance their work lives with their family and social lives. Professor Schieman began researching how workers and employers alike thought about and experienced flexible, remote work arrangements in 2019 … Read More

Professor Jennifer Adese recently named Canada Research Chair at UofT Mississauga

Professor Jennifer Adese at U of T Mississauga was recently named a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Métis Women, Politics, and Community, as featured in an article published in University of Toronto Mississauga news. In this article, Adese expresses her excitement for this opportunity to develop more research of Métis women’s experiences in Métis activism. … Read More

Professor David Pettinicchio writes about disability, mental health, and the COVID-19 holiday season – article in The Conversation

Professor David Pettinicchio recently co-authored the article “What a distanced holiday season means for people with disabilities and chronic health conditions” with Professor of Sociology Michelle Maroto (University of Alberta) in The Conversation. The article outlines how many Canadians and Americans opted to spend time with friends and family over the Thanksgiving holidays against public … Read More

Professor Owusu-Bempah comments on police use-of-force during wellness checks – National Post article

Professor Akwasi Owusu-Bempah’s comments appeared in an article in the National Post titled “Police shootings in 2020: The effect on officers and those they are sworn to protect.” The article reviews the statistics of police shootings in Canada in 2020, comparing patterns among the 55 cases of this year and across some year-to-year trends. Professor … Read More

Professor Jerry Flores calls for long overdue international investigations in the U.S. and Canada amidst forced sterilization of ICE detainees

Professor Jerry Flores recently published an article titled “ICE detainees’ alleged hysterectomies recall a long history of forced sterilizations” on Flores recounts the longstanding history of forced sterilizations in U.S. institutions to expose the ongoing harm on Latina, migrant, refugee, Black, Indigenous and at-risk women in the medical sphere. Professor Flores traces stories of … Read More

Professor Akwasi Owusu-Bempah opposes RCMP union’s ‘thin blue line’ symbol endorsement, in The Star article

Professor Akwasi Owusu-Bempah recently weighed in on the RCMP union’s endorsement of the ‘thin blue line’ symbol in an article titled “RCMP union pushes back against ban on ‘thin blue line’ symbol, says it has ordered custom patches” by Douglas Quan on The Star. In the article, he explains what the symbol means in today’s … Read More

The (lack of) diversity of Canada’s cannabis industry: report by Professor Akwasi Owusu-Bempah featured on CBC News and CBC Radio One

A recent report by Professor Akwasi Owusu-Bempah and Nazlee Maghsoudi of the Centre on Drug Policy Evaluation about the diversity of Canada’s cannabis industry leaders was featured on a CBC News article by Joyita Sengupta and a CBC Radio One interview. In these appearances, Professor Owusu-Bempah and Nazlee Maghsoudi cite the findings of their policy … Read More

Dr. Ito Peng takes up Canada’s treatment of the elderly in response to COVID-related deaths in long term care facilities on The Massey Dialogues

Dr. Ito Peng recently participated in a Massey Dialogue event titled “COVID, the old and Canada: What’s wrong with us?” alongside former Dean of Nursing Dr. Dorothy Pringle and doctoral candidate Husayn Marani, moderated by Senior Fellow Michael Valpy. This discussion was prompted by the overwhelming proportion of COVID-related deaths among the elderly in long-term care … Read More

Cannabis prohibition’s racial and gender disparities continue to thrive in the legalized cannabis industry: Professor Akwasi Owusu-Bempah publishes new article on The Globe and Mail

Professor Akwasi Owusu-Bempah recently co-authored an article titled “Who is profiting off of cannabis in Canada? Not those who suffered most under cannabis prohibition” on The Globe and Mail with Nazlee Maghsoudi, a Knowledge Translation Manager at the Centre on Drug Policy Evaluation (CDPE) and a Doctoral Candidate in Health Services Research at the University of … Read More