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Graduate Student Research

Congratulations to Ioana Sendroiu, recipient of the 2017 Daniel G Hill Prize for Best Graduate Paper in Sociology

Congratulations to Ioana Sendroiu, winner of the 2018-19 Daniel G. Hill Prize for Best Graduate Paper in Sociology at the University of Toronto. The prize honours Daniel G. Hill who was a Canadian sociologist, civil servant, human rights specialist, and Black Canadian historian.  He received his Ph.D. in our department in 1960.  Dr Hill applied his … Read More

PhD Candidate Gordon Brett on the Personal Blogs of Healthcare Professionals

PhD Candidate Gordon Brett published an article in the Journal of Communication Inquiry. The article examines the motivations and explanations of health care professionals who negotiate the benefits and risks of online communication with respect to their roles. Gordon Brett is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Toronto’s Sociology Department.  His research interests lie at the intersection of … Read More

PhD Candidate Amanda Couture-Carron on Dating Abuse Against Women in a Cultural Context

PhD Candidate Amanda Couture-Carron published an article in Journal of Interpersonal Violence, entitled “One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Dating Abuse Against Women From the Perspective of South Asian Muslim Youth in Canada.” The article explores dating abuse against women among South Asian Muslim women. The article finds sociocultural variation in the meanings of dating behaviour … Read More

PhD Candidate Patricia Louie and Professor William Magee on the differences between Black and White Americans in Anger-Out

Ph.D. Candidate Patricia Louie and Professor William Magee have co-authored an article published in Race and Social Problems, entitled “Did the Difference Between Black and White Americans in Anger-Out Decrease During the First Decade of the Twenty-First Century?” This article examines the black–white difference in anger-in and anger-out in a sample representative of Americans aged … Read More

Doctoral Candidate James Braun on the construction of ‘worthy’ or ‘unworthy’ of Jamaican Nationals

PhD Candidate, James Braun, has published an article in Nations and Nationalism that examines how Afro-Creole nationalist ideology constructed the (un)worthiness of migrating Jamaicans’ claims to diasporic membership. Reflecting the hegemonic social hierarchies in Jamaica, he argues that these constructions of the (un)worthy migrants are to the social benefit of creole middle-class men. James Braun is an … Read More

Congratulations to Yang-Sook Kim for award-winning article

Congratulations to doctoral candidate, Yang-Sook Kim, who recently received an award from the Association of Korean Sociologists in America for her article, “Care Work and Ethnic Boundary Marking in South Korea” that was published in Critical Sociology in April of 2018. The award is given annually to honour “an outstanding graduate student paper on a … Read More

PhD Candidate Gordon Brett discusses the violence and culture in MMA Fighting

PhD Candidate Gordon Brett has written an article using concepts within cultural sociology to analyze the perceptions and understandings of violence in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). In particular, he looks at the ability of MMA to be viewed as a legitimate cultural form with artistic merits. Gordon Brett is a Doctoral Candidate at the University … Read More

PhD Graduate Judy Beglaubter on the Gendered Difference of Parental Leave

PhD Graduate Judy Beglaubter published an article in Canadian Review of Sociology that examines heterosexual couple’s decisions regarding parental leave.  She explores whether these decisions are motivated by the desire for the parent to be at home, or if they were compelled by their circumstance. Judy Beglaubter obtained her PhD in Sociology at the University of Toronto … Read More

Congratulations to Ph.D. Candidate Patricia Louie on receiving the Best Graduate Student Paper Award from the American Sociological Association’s Mental Health Section

Congratulations to Patricia Louie whose sole-authored article, “Revisiting the Cost of Skin Color: Discrimination, Mastery, and Mental Health among Black Adolescents” was recently awarded the 2019 Best Graduate Student Paper Award from the ASA’s Mental Health Section. Patricia published the article in Society and Mental Health based on analysis of the National Survey of American … Read More

Atsushi Narisada to begin tenure track position at St. Mary’s University

Recent PhD recipient, Atsushi Narisada will begin a new position as a Tenure-stream Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Mary’s University in Halifax. Atsushi recently defended his dissertation and will officially convocate in the fall of 2019.  His dissertation is titled The Social Antecedents and Consequences of the Sense of Distributive Injustice. He completed it … Read More

U of T Sociologists at the 2019 ASA

This year, 71 faculty members graduate students from Sociology at the University of Toronto are participating in the Annual Meeting of the American Sociology Association in New York City. In addition to the people presenting papers, a number of our community are also participating as session organizers, discussants or journal editorial panel members. The meetings … Read More

Congratulations to PhD student Andrea Roman Alfaro, recipient of Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Congratulations to Phd student Andrea Roman Alfaro, who recently learned that she was awarded one of the 2019 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships! Vanier Canada Scholarships are among the most prestigious scholarships available to graduate students studying in Canadian institutions. Vanier scholars are chosen based on their academic excellence, research potential and leadership potential and demonstrated … Read More

Sociology students win SSHRC funding for their research

This year, three of our PhD students received fellowships from SSHRC. This funding will provide them with support for one to four years. Although all students in the University of Toronto graduate programs have a guaranteed funding package, receiving a SSHRC fellowship provides additional funding and allows them reduce the number of hours devoted to … Read More

Congratulations to PhD students Dana Wray and Laila Omar on receiving Best Student Paper Award and Honourable Mention from the Canadian Sociological Association

The Canadian Sociological Association (CSA) has awarded their Best Student Paper prize to PhD student Dana Wray, with an Honourable Mention going to another of our graduate students, Laila Omar. Both of the papers were originally papers written for the Second Year PhD Research Practicum course. Dana’s paper was titled,”Can Paternity Leave Policy Change Father … Read More

Congratulations to recent PhD Alexandra Rodney, recipient of a SSHRC postdoctoral award

Alexandra Rodney, who completed her PhD in the Department of Sociology in 2017, has been awarded a Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Postdoctoral Fellowship to pursue research in the Department of Sociology at Ryerson University for the 2019-2010 academic year. The SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship program is funded by the Canadian government and seeks … Read More

PhD graduate Tony Zhang and Professor Brym publish on Tolerance of Homosexuality in 88 Countries

Ph.D. graduate Tony Huiquan Zhang and Professor Robert Brym have published an article in Sociological Forum. The article studies how tolerance of homosexuality is jointly shaped by individual educational attainment and political freedom. The main finding is that in free societies, education is a liberalizing force as scholars expected. However, in non-free societies, education does … Read More

PhD Graduate Salina Abji on Anti-Border Movements and Gender Based Violence

PhD Graduate Salina Abji has recently published an article in the international Feminist Journal of Politics. The article investigates postnational-feminist approaches to gender-based violence in the contemporary immigration context. The article examines how for some advocates, a postnational politics deeply informed their criticisms of state borders and restrictive immigration controls as fundamental sources of gendered and racialized violence. Salina … Read More

Congratulations to Meghan Dawe, recipient of the 2019 Dennis William Magill Canada Research Award

Congratulations to Meghan Dawe, who was recently awarded the 2019 Dennis William Magill Canada Research Award. The prize is awarded annually for a paper or dissertation of exceptional merit that deals with a sociological aspect of Canadian Society. Meghan’s dissertation “Stratification in the Canadian Legal Profession: The Role of Social Capital and Social Isolation in … Read More

PhD graduate M. Omar Faruque on the links between neoliberal governance and social movements in Bangladesh

PhD graduate M. Omar Faruque published an article in the Social Movement Studies.  The article analyzes the connection between national energy policy development in Bangladesh and the social movement that contested it. M. Omar Faruque will receive his PhD in June, 2019. He successfully defended his dissertation entitled, Mining Capitalism and Contentious Politics in Bangladesh this … Read More

PhD graduate M. Omar Faruque on mining and activism in Bangladesh

PhD graduate M. Omar Faruque published an article in the Asian Journal of Political Science.  The piece analyzes the development of local community resistance to mining in Bangladesh. Faruque studied the Phubari movement and found that its success in opposing mining was largely because the activists worked with local communities and framed their action in … Read More