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Research Themes

Philip Badawy hired for Tenure Track Position at the University of Alberta

On July 1, 2022, PhD candidate Philip Badawy will join the University of Alberta’s Department of Sociology as a tenure track Assistant Professor. His dissertation, which will be defended in August, is titled “A ‘Holy Grail’ of Work and Economic Life? When and How Schedule Control Functions as a Resource.” The dissertation was completed under … Read More

Congratulations to Man Xu, Recipient of Doctoral Fellowship from The Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation

Congratulations to Man Xu, who recently received a Doctoral Fellowship from The Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange. The fellowship offers financial support to doctoral candidates enrolled in an accredited university in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, or South America for writing dissertations in the field of Chinese Studies in the humanities … Read More

PhD student Isra Saymour publishes first peer-reviewed journal article in Human Geography

Isra Saymour’s article entitled “ The oilfields of Mesopotamia: Resource conflict, oil extraction and heritage destruction in Iraq” was recently published in Human Geography. Quoting from the article Abstract: “Using a critical, multidisciplinary array of secondary sources, this paper links oil, conflict, and culture against a (neo)colonial backdrop to illustrate that Operation Iraqi Freedom was … Read More

Assistant Professor Sharla Alegria on a NASA panel considering the next generation of astrophysics observatories

Sociology Assistant Professor Sharla Alegria presented in a panel discussion at NASA’s recent workshop entitled, Precursors to Pathways: Science Enabling NASA Astrophysics Future Great Observatories. Alegria was one of two outside panelists who participated along with three NASA community members in a conversation to guide NASA’s thinking about inclusivity in the development of future observatories … Read More

Improving the lives of subsidized housing tenants – Professor Prentiss Dantzler partners with Toronto Community Housing

One of the common goals that brings together University of Toronto Sociology Professor Prentiss Dantzler and the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) is to find ways to provide tenants with affordable places to live. Data is needed to understand better the nuanced demographics and mobility patterns of those receiving housing subsidies. Their proposed study, funded … Read More

Professor Sandy Welsh quoted in Global News story on workplace harassment and violence

Global News published a story on March 30, 2022 covering the findings of a new study which was the result of a partnership between researchers from the University of Toronto, Western University, and the Canadian Labour Congress. More than half of the employees participating in the survey reported experiencing at least one form of violence … Read More

PhD Student, Umaima Miraj publishes “For a Revolutionary Feminist World-Systems Analysis: The Case of Ghada”

Sociology doctoral candidate, Umaima Miraj recently published “For a Revolutionary Feminist World-Systems Analysis: The Case of Ghada” in the Journal of World Systems Research. In the article, Miraj examínes how women’s contributions to revolutionary anti-colonial movements remain limited, and often marginalized or forgotten. She proposes that feminist world-systems need to rethink theories of anti-systemic movements … Read More

C4eRadio: Ethics of Research Podcast (Ep. 3): An interview with Jessica Stallone on anti-Muslim racism in Canada

In this episode, Aden interviews Jessica Stallone who is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto.

Professor Patricia Landolt on the impact of Covid-19 on non-status migrant workers

Sociology Professor Patricia Landolt recently contributed to a City News story about the impact of Covid-19 on the health and finances of non-status migrant workers. Following Landolt’s survey, conducted in collaboration with a York University Colleague and the FCJ Refugee Centre in Toronto, City News reported that because migrant workers, many of whom are essential … Read More

Congratulations to Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson, recipient of a postdoctoral SSHRC Grant

Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson, PhD Student at the University of Toronto, recently received a postdoctoral SSHRC Grant for her project “Books and Unusual Archives: An Analysis of Intimate Feminist Memory Work in Québec”, supervised and hosted by Ann Cvetkovich at the Pauline Jewett Institute for Women and Gender Studies at Carleton. The postdoctoral research project extends her … Read More

PhD Student Jillian Sunderland interviewed by ‘The Medium’ on Social Media Activism

Sociology PhD Student Jillian Sunderland and an SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier scholar at the University of Toronto was recently interviewed by Dalainey Gervais from ‘The Medium’. Sunderland was interviewed on her both her research and personal experience regarding social media, platform use, activism, and the separation of activism and corporate capitalism. The full article is available … Read More

Milos Brocic and Professor Dan Silver publish on the Impact of Georg Simmel

PhD student Miloš Broćić and Professor Dan Silver have recently published an article on the reception of Georg Simmel in the Annual Review of Sociology. The article explores the importance of Simmel’s work for urban and conflict studies since 1975. Miloš Broćić is a doctoral candidate in the department of Sociology. He is currently completing … Read More

PhD student Kayla Preston on far right groups, populism and the federal election

PhD student Kayla Preston recently published an article on The Conversation. A political sociologist studying de-radicalization, Kayla wrote about the threat of far right groups in Canada and their potential impact on the federal election. We have included an excerpt of the article below. The full article is available at The Conversation’s website. With far … Read More

Professor Scott Schieman and PhD Candidate Phil Badawy on difficulties in Remote Work

Professor Scott Schieman and PhD Candidate Phil Badawy recently wrote an op ed in the Toronto Star. Based on their research interviewing Canadian workers, the op ed highlights some of the challenges of remote work. Professor Schieman has ongoing SSHRC-funded research exploring work-life balance and employment satisfaction in Canada. Phil Badawy is currently writing his … Read More

Congratulations to Professor Jack Veugelers for winning the ASA’s Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Book Award!

Professor Jack Veugelers’ new book recently received this year’s ASA Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Book Award in the Political Sociology section. The book is titled “Empire’s Legacy: Roots of a Far-Right Affinity in Contemporary France.” Professor Jack Veugelers is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on right-wing extremism and … Read More

Congratulations to Professor Tahseen Shams for winning the 2021 ASA International Migration Section’s Thomas and Znaniecki book award

Congratulations to Professor Tahseen Shams for winning the 2021 ASA International Migration Section’s Thomas and Znaniecki Award for her book, “Here, There, and Elsewhere: The Making of Immigrant Identities in a Globalized World!” The Thomas and Znaniecki book award is given annually to a book published within the previous two years for its “outstanding social … Read More

Professor Joe Hermer in The Conversation: “Homeless encampment violence in Toronto betrays any real hope for police reform”

Professor Joe Hermer recently published an article titled “Homeless encampment violence in Toronto betrays any real hope for police reform” on The Conversation. The piece argues that when police officers forcibly and violently demolished homeless encampments in parks across Toronto they broke a trust with the public that they had committed to repairing just a few … Read More

Professor Ito Peng begins new Partnership project titled “Care Economies in Context: Towards Sustainable Social and Economic Development”

Professor Ito Peng received news earlier this spring that she has received funding for a second large partnership project. This project, called “Care Economies in Context: Towards Sustainable Social and Economic Development,” pulls together research teams from eight different countries and has funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), The William and … Read More

Professor Tahseen Shams begins new SSHRC-funded research project studying interracial and interfaith relationships among South Asian Muslim Immigrants

Professor Tahseen Shams has recently begun a new research project titled “Race, Religion, and Romance: A Comparative Study of Interracial and Interfaith Unions in Canada and the United States Using the Case of South Asian Muslim Immigrants.” The project, that was recently funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant, seeks to  “understand the personal, social, and … Read More

Professors Jerry Flores and Weiguo Zhang received grants for new research projects from UTM

Congratulations to Professor Jerry Flores and Professor Weiguo Zhang who have recently received funding from the University of Toronto, Mississauga for their upcoming research projects. This funding is administered by UTM’s new initiative “Black, Indigenous, and Racialized Scholar/Research Grant Program“. The purpose of this program is to support research projects that address racial inequity, the … Read More