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Health and Mental Health

PhD Candidate Gordon Brett on the Personal Blogs of Healthcare Professionals

PhD Candidate Gordon Brett published an article in the Journal of Communication Inquiry. The article examines the motivations and explanations of health care professionals who negotiate the benefits and risks of online communication with respect to their roles. Gordon Brett is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Toronto’s Sociology Department.  His research interests lie at the intersection of … Read More

PhD Candidate Patricia Louie and Professor William Magee on the differences between Black and White Americans in Anger-Out

Ph.D. Candidate Patricia Louie and Professor William Magee have co-authored an article published in Race and Social Problems, entitled “Did the Difference Between Black and White Americans in Anger-Out Decrease During the First Decade of the Twenty-First Century?” This article examines the black–white difference in anger-in and anger-out in a sample representative of Americans aged … Read More

Professor Judith Taylor comments on the growing ‘femtech’ market

In an article by CBC News, Professor Judith Taylor commented on  “femtech,” a growing form of technology focused on women’s health. The article discussed both the liberating possibilities of women having use of data about their reproductive health and the risks of growing private sector surveillance over various aspects of their reproductive lives. Professor Taylor … Read More

Working Paper 2019-01

Assembling the Politics of Noncitizenship: Local struggles to enforce and extend access to health care Patricia Landolt, University of Toronto UT Sociology Working Paper No. 2019-01 January 2019 Keywords: assemblages, boundary work, health care, noncitizenship, political contestation, politics of noncitizenship Full Article Abstract Shifts in global migration are sparking powerful political clashes over the terms … Read More

PhD Graduate Kat Kolar and Professor Adam Green on HIV Prevention Science

PhD graduate Kat Kolar and Professor Adam Green published an article in Sociology of Health & Illness that outlines their content analysis of HIV prevention science funded by the National Institute of Health. Green & Kolar find that research into intervention takes a biomedical approach, but prevention research that focuses on risk factors tends to be … Read More

PhD graduate Kat Kolar on HIV Prevention in Indoor Sex Markets

PhD Candidate Kat Kolar, in collaboration with Vicky Bungay (UBC), Soni Thindal, Valencia Remple (UBC), Caitlin Johnston, and Gina Ogilve, published an article in Health Promotion Practice. The authors find that there is an urgent need for HIV/STI prevention initiatives among commercial sex workers. They offer recommendations for programs to address this need in various communities. Kat … Read More

PhD graduate Kat Kolar on Stimulant Use Among Undergraduate Students

PhD graduate Kat Kolar published an article in Contemporary Drug Problems that analyzes attitudes surrounding non-prescription stimulant use among undergraduate students. Students often justify using these drugs by claiming that their potential academic success is worth the risks.  Kolar argues that this has implications for understanding the concept of drug acceptability. Kat Kolar obtained her PhD … Read More

PhD Candidate Kat Kolar on Sexual Safety Practices Among Sex Workers

PhD graduate Kat Kolar, in collaboration with Vicky Bungay (UBC) and Chris Atchinson (UVic), published an article in AIDS Care. The article explores the condom use and STI testing practices of sex workers in massage parlours and their clients. The authors find that both the sex workers and their clients use condoms for commercial vaginal sex … Read More

PhD graduate Kat Kolar on Condom Use in the Indoor Sex Industry

PhD graduate Kat Kolar, in collaboration with Ingrid Handlovsky and Vicky Bungay (UBC), published an article in Culture, Health & Sexuality. The article analyzes condom use in the indoor sex industry in Vancouver. The authors argue that context has an important impact on whether condoms are used and initiatives to encourage condom use must take this … Read More

PhD Graduate Marie-Pier Joly on Pregnancy and Birth Cohort Research

PhD Graduate Marie-Pier Joly published an article in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, in collaboration with Professor Michel Boivin (Universite Laval), Professor Anne Junker (UBC), Professor Alan Bocking (UofT), Professor Micheal S. Kramer (McGill), and Professor Stephanie Atkinson (McMaster). The article discusses the creation of an inventory of pregnancy and birth cohort studies that aims to create … Read More

PhD Graduate Marie-Pier Joly on Resaearch & Policy-Making for Migrant Families

PhD Graduate Marie-Pier Joly published an article, in collaboration with Professor Anita Gagnon and Jacqueline Bocking from McGill University, in Health Research and Policy Systems. The article examines research resulting from the Metropolis Project, which began in 1996 in an effort to create a stronger connection between health research and policy-making. The authors specifically analyze what proportion of … Read More

Recent PhD Jonathan Koltai and Professor Scott Schieman on Job Pressure and Mental Health

PhD Candidate Jonathan Koltai and Professor Scott Schieman published an article in the Journal of Health and Social Behaviour that analyzes what conditions may protect workers from the negative mental health consequences of job pressure. They find that socioeconomic status plays an important role in determining whether job resources provide protection from anxiety resulting from job … Read More

“Living Right, Feeling Good” – Professor Andrew Miles researches the effects of moral action on positive emotion

Professor Andrew Miles’ new research project looks into the “feel good” effects of moral behaviour. While previous research has shown that helping others makes people feel good, morality scholars recognize that people moralize many ideals in addition to helping, such as fairness, loyalty to groups, respect for authority, and physical and metaphorical purity. Professor Professor … Read More

Helen Yang examines the sociology of gluten-free diets in U of T’s Undergraduate Sociology Journal

Helen Yang published  “The Seed of Contempt” in Volume I of the Undergraduate Sociology Journal (USJ).  Her work explores the emergence, expansion, and effects of the gluten free market. Under this framework, she discusses both the immunological and sociological influences and implications of the gluten-free diet trend. Although celiac disease  only occurs in 1% of … Read More

“The Medicalization of Mental Illness in Canada” by Jessica Rapson published in U of T’s Undergraduate Sociology Journal

Jessica Rapson published “The Medicalization of Mental Illness in Canada”in Volume I of the Undergraduate Sociology Journal (USJ). Her work examines Marxist conflict theory to understand how mental illness is medicalized through the marketization of health care in Canada. Specifically, the article focuses on how pharmaceutical companies affect mental illness treatments and exacerbate existing mental … Read More

“Each of us May Have 2 Ages”: Dr. Michelle Pannor Silver Interviewed in Global News

Dr. Michelle Pannor Silver was interviewed by Global News for her thoughts on how people can have a biological age that differs from their actual age. On top of physical health risks, she states that if someone’s biological age is greater than their actual age, it can affect their mental well-being, too. Factors like genetics, … Read More

Professor Jooyoung Lee interviewed on The Social, “Does Canada need better gun control?”

Professor Jooyoung Lee has recently been featured on a segment for The Social talking about the long-term health care needs of gunshot victims in the US and Canada; and the efficacy of common sense gun laws. The Social is a television program produced by Bell Media Studios that describes itself as bringing “a fresh, daily … Read More

PhD Candidate Katelin Albert on Research Funding in the Social Sciences

In an article published in the Canadian Journal of Sociology, PhD Candidate Katelin Albert studies the impact of the shift in Canadian social science research funding from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR). Albert argues that the structure and distribution of CIHR funding allows it … Read More

PhD Candidate Jonathan Koltai and Professor Markus Schafer on Social Networks and the Mistreatment of Older Adults

PhD Graduate Jonathan Koltai and Professor Markus Schafer published an article in the Journals of Gerontology (Series B) studying the impact of social network density on the risk of mistreatment among older adults. While previous studies have shown that social networks characterized by unconnected ties can offer benefits to older adults in terms of increasing … Read More

Professor Geoffrey Wodtke examines the impact of poverty on child academic development

Professor Geoffrey Wodtke has recently received a SSHRC Insight Grant to research the impact of spatially concentrated poverty on child academic achievement in Canada and the U.S. While a large volume of research connects neighbourhood poverty and child development, scholars remain puzzled as to the particular ways that neighbourhood affects children.  Many scholars and policymakers … Read More