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Sociological Theory

“Divided by the Wall”: New Book by Professor Emine Fidan Elcioglu

Professor Emine Fidan Elcioglu’s newly published book, Divided by the Wall: Progressive and Conservative Immigration Politics at the U.S.-Mexico Border (University of California Press) tells the story of why ordinary Americans join volunteer organizations to either help undocumented immigrants or aid immigration enforcement. Based on twenty months of immersive ethnography, Divided by the Wall mines … Read More

Postdoctoral Fellow, Daniela Russ recipient of funding for research on computing in former Soviet Union

Congratulations to postdoctoral researcher Daniela Russ who recently received the IEEE Fellowship in the History of Electrical and Computing Technology for her project “Computers, Optimal Planning, and the Science of Energetics in the Soviet Union (1951-1982)“. In this part of her post-doctoral project, Russ asks how cybernetic methods and computing technology enabled engineers to find … Read More

PhD candidate Cinthya Guzman on routine disruption amid the COVID-19 pandemic

PhD candidate Cinthya Guzman recently published an article in Contexts Magazine on routine disruption amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Her previous research focused on ways in which contexts shape routinization regarding the lives of 100 Canadians. Following up with her research participants, PhD candidate Cinthya’s work now also examines the impact of routine changes wrought by COVID-19. … Read More

Ph.D. Candidate Athena Engman on “Embodiment and the foundation of biographical disruption”

Ph.D. Candidate Athena Engman recently published an article in Social Science and Medicine, entitled, “Embodiment and the foundation of biographical disruption.” The article reported on data regarding the experiences of 36 post-operative organ transplant recipients. Therefore, the article aims to categorize the conditions that cause “biological disruption” to emerge. This describes the way that individuals with … Read More