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Sociology of Culture

PhD student Isra Saymour publishes first peer-reviewed journal article in Human Geography

Isra Saymour’s article entitled “ The oilfields of Mesopotamia: Resource conflict, oil extraction and heritage destruction in Iraq” was recently published in Human Geography. Quoting from the article Abstract: “Using a critical, multidisciplinary array of secondary sources, this paper links oil, conflict, and culture against a (neo)colonial backdrop to illustrate that Operation Iraqi Freedom was … Read More

Assistant Professor Sharla Alegria on a NASA panel considering the next generation of astrophysics observatories

Sociology Assistant Professor Sharla Alegria presented in a panel discussion at NASA’s recent workshop entitled, Precursors to Pathways: Science Enabling NASA Astrophysics Future Great Observatories. Alegria was one of two outside panelists who participated along with three NASA community members in a conversation to guide NASA’s thinking about inclusivity in the development of future observatories … Read More

How to improve the lives of subsidized housing tenants – Professor Prentiss Dantzler partners with Toronto Community Housing

One of the common goals that brings together University of Toronto Sociology Professor Prentiss Dantzler and the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) is to find ways to provide tenants with affordable places to live. Data is needed to understand better the nuanced demographics and mobility patterns of those receiving housing subsidies. Their proposed study, funded … Read More

Professor Sandy Welsh quoted in Global News story on workplace harassment and violence

Global News published a story on March 30, 2022 covering the findings of a new study which was the result of a partnership between researchers from the University of Toronto, Western University, and the Canadian Labour Congress. More than half of the employees participating in the survey reported experiencing at least one form of violence … Read More

PhD Student, Umaimi Miraj publishes “For a Revolutionary Feminist World-Systems Analysis: The Case of Ghada”

Sociology doctoral candidate, Umaimi Miraj recently published “For a Revolutionary Feminist World-Systems Analysis: The Case of Ghada” in the Journal of World Systems Research. In the article, Miraj examínes how women’s contributions to revolutionary anti-colonial movements remain limited, and often marginalized or forgotten. She proposes that feminist world-systems need to rethink theories of anti-systemic movements … Read More

C4eRadio: Ethics of Research Podcast (Ep. 3): An interview with Jessica Stallone on anti-Muslim racism in Canada

In this episode, Aden interviews Jessica Stallone who is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto.

Storytelling is Big Business: Professor Clayton Childress on the Public Books Blog

Professor Clayton Childress recently published an article in “Public Books,” an online publication dedicated to bringing “scholarly depth to discussions of contemporary ideas, culture, and politics.” Professor Childress’ piece discusses two books, Álvaro Santana-Acuña’s Ascent to Glory: How One Hundred Years of Solitude Was Written and Became a Global Classic and Maryann Erigha’s The Hollywood … Read More

Professor Jooyoung Lee shares his insights with the Washington Post, CTV Online, CP24, and CBC: Here & Now regarding the recent shooting in Atlanta

Much of Professor Jooyoung Lee’s research focuses on gun violence and how it impacts communities and marginalized groups.  With the horrific shooting events in Atlanta, Jooyoung shares his insights with several media outlets. The Washington Post article “Shootings in Atlanta put focus on year of heightened anti-Asian violence in the West” discusses the alarming rise … Read More

Prof. Melissa Milkie was recently featured in new article “More Men Helped With Housework During The Early Days Of COVID-19. What Went Wrong?” in the Huffington Post

Professor Melissa Milkie was featured in an article in the Huffington Post.  More Men Helped With Housework During The Early Days Of COVID-19. What Went Wrong? by Brittany Wong looks at how divisions of labour in the home were initially equalizing during the first wave of the ongoing pandemic but the initial increase in men’s … Read More

UTM’s The Medium feature article profiles PhD student Jordan Foster’s research on social media

UTM’s student newspaper, The Medium, recently published a feature article profiling Jordan Foster’s research on social media. Entitled, “The Promises and Perils of Social Media,” the article discusses Jordan’s work examining the roles of influencers in perpetuating or combating patterns of social inequality. Jordan is a third year PhD student. His research focuses on culture, … Read More

Foodie culture in the COVID-19 era: Professor Josée Johnston, Shyon Baumann and UIC’s Merin Oleschuk’s new article in the American Sociological Association’s Footnotes

Professors Josée Johnston and Shyon Baumann recently published an article with recent PhD graduate Merin Oleschuk (currently Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) in the American Sociological Association’s member newsletter Footnotes. Titled “Foodie Tensions in Tough Times”, the authors review social pressures and inequalities heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic, and their effects … Read More

Professor Jennifer Adese recently named Canada Research Chair at UofT Mississauga

Professor Jennifer Adese at U of T Mississauga was recently named a Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Métis Women, Politics, and Community, as featured in an article published in University of Toronto Mississauga news. In this article, Adese expresses her excitement for this opportunity to develop more research of Métis women’s experiences in Métis activism. … Read More

Congratulations to Taylor Price, recipient of the 2020 Daniel G. Hill Prize for Best Graduate Paper in Sociology

PhD student Taylor Price recently won the 2020 Daniel G. Hill Prize for Best Graduate Paper in Sociology. This award is presented annually to an Ontario resident graduate student and is chosen on the basis of the quality of a paper published between July and June of the award year. Taylor received the award for … Read More

Professor Scott Schieman examines the work-from-home divide between parents and non-parents in two recent articles in The Star

Professor Scott Schieman recently published two articles on The Star about the changing work-life conflict and workplace culture for parents and non-parents during the pandemic. His first article titled “The pandemic has decreased work-life conflict for Canadians without kids — but parents aren’t so lucky” uses data collected from September 2019 to June 2020 to observe … Read More

Manal Choudhry examines the Korean Wave as a transnational tool for economic and political relations in U of T’s Undergraduate Sociology Journal

Manal Choudhry published an article entitled “Transnational Diplomacy and the Korean Wave” in the third volume of the Undergraduate Sociology Journal (USJ). Her work explores the Korean Wave (the global popularity of Korean culture and cultural products) and its use by the South Korean government as a tool on both international and domestic levels. Manal explains … Read More

Agha Saadaf investigates the relationship between fascist ideology and 1990’s Norwegian black metal music in U of T’s Undergraduate Sociology Journal

Agha Saadaf published an article entitled “Dawn of the Black Hearts: Contextualising Fascism in Second Wave Norwegian Black Metal” in the third volume of the Undergraduate Sociology Journal (USJ). His work explores the historical context of Norwegian cultural power dynamics, the use of music to reflect political ideas, and the “lifestyle” perpetuated by prominent figures … Read More

Consume This! Fashion Influencers and COVID “Chic”

Jordan Foster’s new blog looks at how the pandemic has affected fashion influencers and the fashion industry more broadly. At present, influencers and the brands they work with face a number of challenges related to the pandemic  including obstacles related to travel and limitations surrounding advertising budgets. But influencers are responding to these challenges with significant … Read More

Professor Dan Silver on Canada’s arts sector and its need for transformative action

Professor Dan Silver recently co-authored an op-ed in The Globe and Mail about the need to invest in arts as a form of building Canadian infrastructure. Looking to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration (WPA) as a model, the authors suggest that the Canadian arts sector requires major investment with co-ordination across different levels of … Read More

Recent PhD graduate, Anelyse Weiler, to begin Tenure Track position at the University of Victoria

PhD Candidate Anelyse Weiler will be joining the University of Victoria’s Department of Sociology as an Assistant Professor. Before her new position begins in July, she will be defending her dissertation on 12 June. Supervised by Josée Johnston with committee members Hannah Wittman (UBC) and Jennifer Chun, her dissertation is entitled, The Periphery in the … Read More

Congratulations to Taylor Price, one of 25 finalists in SSHRC Storytellers Contest

Congratulations to PhD Candidate Taylor Price who recently learned that his submission to the SSHRC Storytellers Competition has been named one of the finalists for 2021. The annual SSHRC Storytellers Competition provides a venue for post-secondary students to showcase their SSHRC-funded research by presenting a 3 minute video or audoclip. The top 25 candidates receive … Read More