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Work, Stratification and Markets

Professor Sharla Alegria on women in the tech sector

The Faculty of Arts and Science recently profiled Professor Sharla Alegria’s research on the tech sector.  Focusing partly on Professor Alegria’s recently published in article in Gender & Society, the article also speaks broadly about Alegria’s passion for her research in the sociology of work. Sharla Alegria is an assistant professor of sociology at the … Read More

Professor Scott Schieman’s research featured in “The Conversation”

Professor Scott Schieman recently co-authored a piece entitled, “Workers in the gig economy feel lonely and powerless,”  in The Conversation. The article discusses  findings from a study that Schieman conducted with co-investigators Professor Paul Glavin from McMaster University, and Professor Alex Bierman from the University of Calgary. Based on a survey of over 2,000 working … Read More

PhD Graduate Lawrence Williams on “How Career Identity Shapes the Meaning of Work for Referred Employees”

Recent PhD graduate Lawrence Williams has published an article in Frontiers in Sociology entitled, “How Career Identity Shapes the Meaning of Work for Referred Employees.” The article dismantles previous sociological explanations surrounding the phenomenon of referred employees having longer tenures than non-referred employees. Within the study, the author demonstrates how career plans or career identity … Read More

Congratulations to Professor Ethan Fosse on receiving the Connaught New Researcher Award

Congratulations to Professor Ethan Fosse, whose work has been recognized with the Connaught New Researcher Award. Professor Fosse is one of six sociology faculty members to receive this award in 2019. The annual award provides up to $20,000 to new tenure-stream faculty members, and is intended to help them establish a strong research program, and … Read More

Atsushi Narisada to begin tenure track position at St. Mary’s University

Recent PhD recipient, Atsushi Narisada will begin a new position as a Tenure-stream Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Mary’s University in Halifax. Atsushi recently defended his dissertation and will officially convocate in the fall of 2019.  His dissertation is titled The Social Antecedents and Consequences of the Sense of Distributive Injustice. He completed it … Read More

Congratulations to Meghan Dawe, recipient of the 2019 Dennis William Magill Canada Research Award

Congratulations to Meghan Dawe, who was recently awarded the 2019 Dennis William Magill Canada Research Award. The prize is awarded annually for a paper or dissertation of exceptional merit that deals with a sociological aspect of Canadian Society. Meghan’s dissertation “Stratification in the Canadian Legal Profession: The Role of Social Capital and Social Isolation in … Read More

PhD Graduate Louise Birdsell Bauer on Graduate Students and Precarious Work

PhD Graduate Louise Birdsell Bauer published an article in the Labour Studies Journal. The article shows how political identities adopted by U of T graduate students engaging in precarious work allowed them to form a “coalition of support” via the media, faculty, and undergraduate students. It demonstrates how political identities rooted within real economic conditions affect … Read More

PhD Graduate Louise Birdsell Bauer and Professor Cynthia Cranford on Union Renewal Among Personal Support Workers

PhD Graduate Louise Birdsell Bauer and Professor Cynthia Cranford published an article in Work, Employment and Society that examines union renewal among personal support workers. The authors argue that the relations between support workers and their clients influence union organization in important ways. Louise Birdsell Bauer obtained her PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto in … Read More

PhD Graduates Louise Birdsell Bauer and Mitch McIvor with Professor Robert Brym on Strike Duration in the 21st Century

PhD Candidates Louise Birdsell Bauer and Mitch McIvor have published a paper in the Canadian Review of Sociology with Professor Robert Brym. The article analyzes data on Canadian strike duration, volume, and frequency, and finds that strike activity has been increasing since 2001. The authors argue that this change can be explained by the reduction in … Read More

PhD Graduate Kim de Laat and Professor Shyon Baumann on Caring Consumption as Marketing Schema

PhD Graduate Kim de Laat and Sociology Professor Shyon Baumann published an article in the Journal of Gender Studies that analyzes Canadian television advertisements and their role in reproducing ideas about gender and motherhood. They find that women depicted as mothers in advertisements were portrayed as consuming for the benefit of others, while women who were not … Read More

PhD Graduate Kim de Laat on Conflict and Reward in Professional Songwriting Teams

PhD Graduate Kim de Laat published an article in Work and Occupations examining the work environment of professional songwriters and their methods of managing conflict and reward within an uncertain and inconsistent industry. Kim de Laat obtained her PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto in 2017 and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the … Read More

PhD Graduate Kim de Laat on Musical Form and Content in the American Recording Industry

PhD Graduate Kim de Laat published an article in the Sociological Forum analyzing musical form and content in the American recording industry. The article explores processes of innovation and diversity within the industry during the emergence of digital technology, from 1990-2009. De Laat argues that the ways in which types of innovation and diversity interact have broad … Read More

PhD Graduate Kim de Laat and Professor Judith Taylor on Feminist Internships and Political Activism

PhD Graduate Kim de Laat and Professor Judith Taylor published an article in Feminist Formations that examines the effect of the institutionalization of the women’s movement on younger generation’s perceptions of political activism. Through interviews conducted with university students who participated in “feminist internships”, the authors find that “progressive social-movement organizations” can negatively affect students’ perceptions of … Read More

PhD Graduate Louise Birdsell Bauer, PhD Candidate Angela Hick, and Professor Cynthia Cranford on Toronto Homecare Workers

    PhD Graduate Louise Birdsell Bauer, PhD Candidate Angela Hick, and Professor Cynthia Cranford published an article in the Labor Studies Journal. The article analyzes union interactions with homecare workers in the late 2000s. The authors use interviews with both union members and officials to study the role of social unionism, which refers to the … Read More

Recent PhD Jonathan Koltai and Professor Scott Schieman on Job Pressure and Mental Health

PhD Candidate Jonathan Koltai and Professor Scott Schieman published an article in the Journal of Health and Social Behaviour that analyzes what conditions may protect workers from the negative mental health consequences of job pressure. They find that socioeconomic status plays an important role in determining whether job resources provide protection from anxiety resulting from job … Read More

Dr. Michelle Pannor Silver interviewed in “University Affairs” for her book release

University Affairs recently published an interview with Professor Michelle Pannor Silver regarding her new book, Retirement and its Discontents: Why We Won’t Stop Working, Even if We Can. In an attempt to better understand why people in high performance careers perceived retirement as difficulty rather than reprieve, Dr. Silver interviewed doctors, CEOs, athletes, professors, and … Read More

Professor David Pettinicchio on Disability and Cumulative Economic Disadvantage

Professor David Pettinicchio’s research was highlighted and discussed in The Society Pages, in the Discoveries section of the blog.  The Society Pages  (TSP) is an open-access social science project operated from Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota with support from individual donors. The Discoveries page highlights “new and exciting research from the journals, … Read More

Professor Michelle Pannor Silver on the Discontentments of Retirement in New Forbes Interview

Professor Michelle Pannor Silver has recently been interviewed by Forbes Magazine on her book Retirement and Its Discontents: unfulfilling, rudderless and filled with a loss of identity, which focuses on the realities of retirement from a sociological perspective. Her book delves into the world of retired professionals who have found the transition to retirement challenging. … Read More

Professor Patricia Landolt receives Partnership Development Grant

Congratulations to Professor Patricia Landolt, who recently received a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant. The grant provides support to develop research and to design and test new partnership approaches within areas of social sciences and humanities.  With this grant, Professor Landolt will study how precarious noncitizenship affects the experience of migrants in Canada. She will pursue this project … Read More

Dr. Sida Liu analyses how globalization affects the Chinese legal services market

Dr. Sida Liu received an SSHRC Insight Grant to study the dynamics of globalization and social interactions among the legal professions in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. His work will uncover how the legal professions in Taiwan and Hong Kong respond and adapt to the rise of China’s business corporations and law firms, and develop an … Read More