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Skills and Advice

Breaking barriers in academia: How Professor JooYoung Lee is innovating the online classroom using Twitch (Featured on CBC Radio One)

Professor JooYoung Lee recently spoke on CBC Radio One 99.1FM on how he has been adapting to the changes of online teaching, using the popular video game streaming platform Twitch. In this conversation, Professor Lee discusses the benefits of using Twitch, his typical online lecture, how students are responding to this platform, and the future … Read More

Ping-Chun Hsiung’s “Lives and Legacies”provides interactive instruction in qualitative interviewing

Teaching the skills needed for qualitative interviewing poses particular challenges. Students need to learn how to frame and ask questions, how to practice reflexivity, and how to analyze interview data. Such skills cannot be learned simply by reading about them in a textbook. Recognizing that practice provides the best way to learn the skills involved … Read More

PhD Pathways Mini Conference

A Sociology PhD can lead down many pathways. While PhD programs and the academic culture that supports them have traditionally focused on training students for careers as tenure-track faculty members, the Sociology Department at the University of Toronto is starting to think more broadly about its students’ futures. This shift involves intentionally recognizing the successes … Read More

Seasonal Grant-writing Tips

When I started supporting grant-writing in Sociology at the University of Toronto, the vast majority of the grant deadlines were in September and October. By the time the winter break rolled around, I was ready for a break. And so were all the faculty members I worked with. Now that there are a couple of … Read More