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How to improve the lives of subsidized housing tenants – Professor Prentiss Dantzler partners with Toronto Community Housing

One of the common goals that brings together University of Toronto Sociology Professor Prentiss Dantzler and the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) is to find ways to provide tenants with affordable places to live. Data is needed to understand better the nuanced demographics and mobility patterns of those receiving housing subsidies. Their proposed study, funded … Read More

Professor Patricia Landolt on the impact of Covid-19 on non-status migrant workers

Sociology Professor Patricia Landolt recently contributed to a City News story about the impact of Covid-19 on the health and finances of non-status migrant workers. Following Landolt’s survey, conducted in collaboration with a York University Colleague and the FCJ Refugee Centre in Toronto, City News reported that because migrant workers, many of whom are essential … Read More

Professor Ito Peng begins new Partnership project titled “Care Economies in Context: Towards Sustainable Social and Economic Development”

Professor Ito Peng received news earlier this spring that she has received funding for a second large partnership project. This project, called “Care Economies in Context: Towards Sustainable Social and Economic Development,” pulls together research teams from eight different countries and has funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), The William and … Read More

Professor Jooyoung Lee was recently featured on CNN about gun control

Professor Jooyoung Lee was recently featured on CNN in a report titled: “Gun Violence Epidemic: Why Canada’s Gun Violence is Fraction of US”. Over the 4th of July weekend, there were hundreds of shootings in the US, including three mass shootings. These events have led to rising concerns over the US’ lenient gun laws and … Read More

Professor Jooyoung Lee shares his insights with the Washington Post, CTV Online, CP24, and CBC: Here & Now regarding the recent shooting in Atlanta

Much of Professor Jooyoung Lee’s research focuses on gun violence and how it impacts communities and marginalized groups.  With the horrific shooting events in Atlanta, Jooyoung shares his insights with several media outlets. The Washington Post article “Shootings in Atlanta put focus on year of heightened anti-Asian violence in the West” discusses the alarming rise … Read More

Congratulations to Professor Tahseen Shams, recipient of the 2021 Distinguished Scholarship Award from the Pacific Sociological Association 

Congratulations to Professor Tahseen Shams, recipient of the 2021 Distinguished Scholarship Award from the Pacific Sociological Association for her book “Here, There, and Elsewhere: The Making of Immigrant Identities in a Globalized World.” The Distinguished Scholarship Award is granted to sociologists from the Pacific region in recognition of major intellectual contributions embodied in a recently … Read More

Congratulations to PhD student Dana Wray, recipient of the 2021 Dennis William Magill Canada Research Award

Congratulations to PhD student Dana Wray, winner of the 2021 Dennis William Magill Canada Research Award. The award is awarded annually for a paper or dissertation of exceptional merit that deals with a sociological aspect of Canadian Society. Preference is given for work that deals with macro-sociological topics.   Dana’s paper “Paternity Leave and Fathers’ … Read More

Professor Tahseen Shams featured on “Pandemics” – the first episode of Migrations: A World on the Move Podcast

Professor Tahseen Shams was recently featured in the first episode of Migrations: A World on the Move Podcast, titled Pandemics. In this episode, Professor Shams spoke with host Eleanor Paynter and guests Dr. Gunisha Kaur and Dr. Katie Fiorella on the topic of how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped our understanding of borders and migration. Professor Shams … Read More

Professor Scott Schieman on remote work during COVID-19, inequality, and the future of how we think about work – CBC Radio

Professor Scott Schieman spoke with Ontario Morning’s Julianne Hazelwood on CBC Radio January 13th about his ongoing research on the impact of COVID-19 on how Canadians balance their work lives with their family and social lives. Professor Schieman began researching how workers and employers alike thought about and experienced flexible, remote work arrangements in 2019 … Read More

PhD student Anson Au elected a Full Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland

PhD student Anson Au was nominated and elected as a Full Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Founded in 1823, the Royal Asiatic Society recognizes distinguished scholars in the fields of history, languages, cultures and religions of Asia. Fellows of the Royal Asiatic Society gain access to the society’s resources … Read More

Breaking barriers in academia: How Professor JooYoung Lee is innovating the online classroom using Twitch (Featured on CBC Radio One)

Professor JooYoung Lee recently spoke on CBC Radio One 99.1FM on how he has been adapting to the changes of online teaching, using the popular video game streaming platform Twitch. In this conversation, Professor Lee discusses the benefits of using Twitch, his typical online lecture, how students are responding to this platform, and the future … Read More

Professor Scott Schieman examines the work-from-home divide between parents and non-parents in two recent articles in The Star

Professor Scott Schieman recently published two articles on The Star about the changing work-life conflict and workplace culture for parents and non-parents during the pandemic. His first article titled “The pandemic has decreased work-life conflict for Canadians without kids — but parents aren’t so lucky” uses data collected from September 2019 to June 2020 to observe … Read More

Manal Choudhry examines the Korean Wave as a transnational tool for economic and political relations in U of T’s Undergraduate Sociology Journal

Manal Choudhry published an article entitled “Transnational Diplomacy and the Korean Wave” in the third volume of the Undergraduate Sociology Journal (USJ). Her work explores the Korean Wave (the global popularity of Korean culture and cultural products) and its use by the South Korean government as a tool on both international and domestic levels. Manal explains … Read More

Vinuja Sritharan analyzes NBA transnational relations in context of Chinese authoritarianism and international trade relations with the US in U of T Undergraduate Sociology Journal

Vinuja Sritharan authored an article titled “The basketball diaries: A case study of the national basketball association and political repression by China” that was published in the third volume of the Undergraduate Sociology Journal (USJ). The article dissects interactions between representatives of the National Basketball Association and China’s governmental authorities during the 2019 Hong Kong … Read More

Victoria Barclay observes the destigmatizing work of the #MeToo movement and its intersectional failings in article in U of T Undergraduate Sociology Journal

  Victoria Barclay recently published an article in the third volume of the Undergraduate Sociology Journal (USJ) during her 4th year titled “Race, class, and gender: The #MeToo movement & stigma.” In her article, Victoria outlines the ways that race, class, and gender can all intersect to affect stigma associated with the victimization of sexual … Read More

Agha Saadaf investigates the relationship between fascist ideology and 1990’s Norwegian black metal music in U of T’s Undergraduate Sociology Journal

Agha Saadaf published an article entitled “Dawn of the Black Hearts: Contextualising Fascism in Second Wave Norwegian Black Metal” in the third volume of the Undergraduate Sociology Journal (USJ). His work explores the historical context of Norwegian cultural power dynamics, the use of music to reflect political ideas, and the “lifestyle” perpetuated by prominent figures … Read More

Ariel Kenny explores the conditions of Toronto’s child care market and how climate change activists organize using social media in two articles in U of T Sociology Undergraduate Journal

Ariel Kenny authored two articles in the third volume of the Undergraduate Sociology Journal (USJ) published earlier this year. Their article “The family unfriendly city: The impact of public funding cuts against growing demand for child care in Toronto” reviews the child care market in Toronto in the wake of the 2019-2020 provincial budget cuts … Read More

How the pandemic is reordering society – Prof. Scott Schieman talks with The Sunday Magazine on CBC

Professor Scott Schieman recently spoke with Piya Chattopadhyay on her new show The Sunday Magazine on CBC Radio about how the covid-19 pandemic has impacted our lives and society as a whole. Professor Schieman outlines an array of challenges Canadians face with regards to parenthood, gender disparities, the socio-economic divide, and the effects of loneliness on … Read More

Professor Rachel La Touche honoured with Arts and Science Teaching Award

Congratulations to Professor Rachel La Touche who recently received an Arts and Science (A&S) Teaching Award. The prize honours “faculty members who are effective teachers and demonstrate an exceptional commitment to student learning, pedagogical engagement and teaching innovation.” Professor La Touche received the award for her commitment to bettering access and inclusivity in education overall. … Read More

Alumnus Josh Rosenblum on ‘snowballing’ your social network

Arts and Science alumnus Josh Rosenblum recently spoke to A&S News about how his sociology degree has continued to help him in his career in market research. Rosenblum still feels very connected to the Sociology community  and uses the skills that he developed in the classroom in his work for Syngrinus. For advice, Rosenblum tells … Read More