Congratulations to our 2020 graduates at the Department of Sociology

Congratulations to our recent graduates at the Department of Sociology!

Please join us in congratulating the following PhDs who have successfully defended their final oral exam this past academic year:

Amanda Couture-Carron Dr. Amanda Couture-Caron
Thesis Title – Adolescent Offending: How Growing Up Disadvantaged Matters Across Immigrant Generations
Dr. Joshua Harold
Thesis Title – A Genesis of Jewishness: Collective Memory, Identity Work, and Ethnic Boundary Making among Jews in Toronto
Timothy Kang Dr. Timothy Kang
Thesis Title – Partners and Crime: Contemporary Unions and Desistance from Crime During the Transition to Adulthood
Yang-Sook Kim Dr. Yang-Sook Kim
Thesis Title – Competing Subjectivities: A Comparative Study of Low-paid Care Workers in Greater Seoul and Los Angeles Koreatown
Patricia Louie Dr. Patricia Louie
Thesis Title – Complicating Race in the Study of Mental and Physical Health
Dr. Merin Oleschuk
Thesis Title – Domestic Foodwork in Value and Practice: A Study of Food, Inequality and Health in Family Life
Rachel Schumann Dr. Rachel Schumann
Thesis Title – Extending Carceral Control Pre-conviction: The Reception, Resistance, and Repercussions of Being Legally Responsible for People Accused of a Crime
Ioana Sendroiu Dr. Ioana Sendroiu
Thesis Title – Managing Crisis: Decision-making, Memory, and Legality in Post-World War Two France and Romania
Anelyse Weiler Dr. Anelyse Weiler
Thesis Title – The Periphery in the Core: Cider Production, Labour, and Agrarian Livelihoods in the Pacific Northwest


We are all proud of your accomplishments and hard work throughout your academic years here. Congratulations on one of your greatest achievements yet!

For more information on Sociology PhD alumni, please feel free to visit our alumni webpage below:

We would also like to extend our congratulations to the MA cohort (2019-20):

Franklynn Bartol
Madelaine Coelho
Elliot Fonarev
Christos Orfanidis
Maleeha Iqbal
Emily Kim
Andrew Michael Lawler
Nathan Ly
Rachel Meiorin
Umaima Miraj

We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!