The Graduate Department of Sociology is stationed on the St. George campus of the University of Toronto though our faculty teach on all three of the campuses. We are located at the northeast corner of the campus, on the second and third floors at 725 Spadina (the western wing of the University of Toronto Schools building).


Our mailing address is:

725 Spadina Ave.
Toronto, ON
M5S 2J4

For general inquiries, please contact Jeremy Nichols ( – 416-978-3412) at our reception desk. Learn about the St. George staff and full contact information here.

The Chair of the Tri-Campus Graduate Department of Sociology is Professor Melissa Milkie ( Professors Scott Schieman (, Philip Goodman (, and Patricia Landolt  ( are the Chairs of the St. George Campus Department, the University of Toronto at Mississauga Department, and the University of Toronto at Scarborough Department respectively. The Chairs’ Assistants are Tina Colomvakos (St. George; – 416-978-5541), Diana Becevello (UTM; – 905-828-5395) and Ann-Marie Smith (UTSC; – 416-287-7282).

Professor Markus Schafer ( is the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies. Please direct graduate school inquiries to Elysha Daya ( – 416-946-4061), Graduate Administrator or Michelle Bailey ( – 416-978-3414), Graduate Program Assistant and Department Data Analyst.

Direct questions about the faculty research programs to Sherri Klassen ( – 416-946-5912), Research Coordinator. Direct IT queries to John Manalo ( – 416-978-3237).

People with inquiries about our undergraduate programs should contact the appropriate campus contact: Donna Ragbir (St. George; –  416-946-4064), Ania Joly (UTM; – 905-569-4288), Janet Roopnarinesingh (UTSC; – 416-208-2683). For questions about finances, contact Grace Ramirez (St. George; – 416-978-8267),  Lorna Taylor (UTM; – 905-569-4391) or Gail Copland (UTSC; – 416-287-7284).