The University of Toronto currently has over 75 full-time faculty members who conduct research and contribute to the graduate program. Several retired professors also continue to have active research programs in one or more of our areas of expertise.

Our faculty conduct research on the cutting edge of sociological enquiry. They investigate questions at the core of social life in Canada now and issues of universal importance. These range from questions about the production and reproduction of inequality to concepts and social norms defining citizenship, knowledge and excellence.  They include questions surrounding the role of gender, race, ethnicity, age, and socio-economic status; questions about the impact of policy, the physical environment, neighbourhood factors, organizational and institutional structures; and questions that address the outcomes of these myriad factors on health, wealth, criminality, social stability and life satisfaction.

Get to know our faculty a bit better by exploring the individual faculty interests or by filtering the gallery below by general research area. Click on the images to open a detailed profile in a new tab. See brief research profiles on the Research in Brief page.