Adam Isaiah Green


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Adam Isaiah Green

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Adam Isaiah Green received an M.A. and Ph.D. in sociology from New York University. Following graduate work, Adam was a postdoctoral fellow at the Indiana University and National Institute of Mental Health training program in Identity, Self, Role and Mental Health, where he received training in medical sociology. His book, Sexual Fields: Toward a Sociology of Collective Sexual Life (University of Chicago Press), develops the sexual fields framework and showcases the cutting-edge work of sociologists who analyze sexual life from the perspective of field theory.

Professor Green’s research is situated at the intersection of the sociology of sexuality and medical sociology, and aims to develop theory relevant to both areas. Green’s primary research, supported by the Canadian Institute of Health Research, examines the epistemological and political underpinnings of Gay/Bisexual/MSM HIV prevention in Los Angeles and Toronto. In a second ongoing theoretical project, Green develops and applies the sexual fields framework which situates Goffman’s social psychological analysis of micro-level interaction against the structural backdrop of a Bourdieusian field. In a third project, funded by SSHRC, Green extends his work on same-sex marriage in a comparative investigation of marital forms in Ontario.