Kathy Liddle

Email: kathy.liddle@utoronto.ca

Office: 725 Spadina; Rm. 396

UTSC Office: HL466

Kathy Liddle

 Assistant Professor.
Teaching Stream


Professor Liddle joined the faculty at the University of Toronto in 2005. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology with a certificate in Women’s Studies from Emory University. Her current research interests lie at the intersection of the fields of culture, organizations, and gender/sexuality.

Her research project on feminist bookstores explores the contexts of their emergence and decline; the challenges and opportunities presented by blending market and feminist logics of organizing; and how these stores contributed to fostering feminist thought in general and lesbian-feminist community in particular. She has also been involved in research projects dealing with the orchestral music canon, mainstream female recording artists, and music festivals.

Professor Liddle also has a strong interest in the scholarship of teaching and learning. She was part of a research team that investigated undergraduate interdisciplinary science teaching and she has written about how to come out in the classroom as an LGBTQ professor. She teaches courses on culture, media, and qualitative methods.