Lorne Tepperman

Email: lorne.tepperman@utoronto.ca

Phone: 416-978-8097

Office: 725 Spadina; Rm. 290


Lorne Tepperman



Lorne Tepperman studies families and health-related family problems; also deviance and social control. He has taught sociology at the University of Toronto since 1970, serving as chair from 1997-2003; and from 2005-7, as Director of the Health Studies Program (University College). In recent years, he has focused mainly on writing textbooks for undergraduates studying family, social inequality, social problems, deviance, and other sociological topics. Tepperman’s goal is to make the sociological literature as widely accessible as possible, without oversimplifying. For similar reasons, he has also written books for the general public on social inequality, problem gambling, and the historic goals of sociology. Tepperman is currently co-authoring an introduction to sociology for community college students (with Sara Cumming, Sheridan College) and a book for general readers about the factors affecting women’s decisions to bear a first child (with Nicole Meredith). He has five books appearing this year, including an edited set of sociological readings, an edited introduction to sociology, a co-authored book on social problems for community college students, a co-authored book on research and writing, and a co-authored book on families.