Patricia Landolt


Phone: 416-287-7156

Office: 725 Spadina; Rm. 2XX

UTSC Office: HL476

Patricia Landolt

Associate Professor,
UTSC Sociology 


Professor Landolt received her Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University and joined the department of sociology in 2001. Her research examines the production and reproduction of systems of social exclusion and inequality associated with global migrations. Specific themes include: refugee-migrant political incorporation, precarious work and income insecurity, non-citizenship and precarious legal status. She teaches courses in international migration, immigrant incorporation and transnationalism, ethnicity and racialization, social inequality and qualitative methods.

Professor Landolt’s current SSHRC-funded project (2011-13) examines the ways that the Ontario public education system practices inclusion and exclusion in the context of encounters with precarious status migrants. Questions that organize the research include: What is the role of school board workers (i.e administrators within and outside of specific schools, teachers, guidance councellors, frontline staff) in regulating access to schooling? What are the narratives and rules they invoke to frame their practices? What is the role of actors outside of the school systems (e.g. community advocates, legal aid workers) in negotiating access? What networks and resources do these actors and institutions bring to bear in these negotiations? Mapping the networked encounters between different actors and institutions will reveal how the boundary between citizens and non-citizens is produced and contested.

Recent Publications

Landolt, Patricia and Luin Goldring. 2016. “Assembling Noncitizenship through the Work of Conditionality,” Citizenship Studies 19(8): 853-869

Landolt P and Goldring L. 2019. “Assembling Noncitizen Access to Education: The Place of Public School Administrator Routine Bordering Practices,” In Enforcing Rights Across Borders, edited by Xóchitl Bada and Shannon Gleeson. Austin: University of Texas Press. Pp. 214-236.

Landolt, Patricia. 2017. “Immigration, Precarious Noncitizenship, and the Changing Landscape of Work,” in Immigration and the Future of Canadian Society: Proceedings of the Second S.D. Clark Symposium edited by R. Brym. Oakville, Ont: Rock’s Mills Press. Pp. 66-82.

Goldring, Luin and Patricia Landolt (editors). 2013. Producing and Negotiating Non-Citizenship: Precarious Legal Status in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.