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Shyon Baumann




Professor Baumann’s work addresses questions of evaluation, legitimacy, status, classification, and inequality. Past work has examined these concepts in relation to Hollywood cinema, television and print advertising, and gourmet food. He continues to work, with Josée Johnston, on the sociology of food. In 2015 they published the second edition of Foodies: Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foodscape (Routledge), and have recently published on “ethical” food consumption and food politics. They are currently working on a SSRHC-funded project on the meat industry, specifically how people balance considerations of risk, taste, and politics in making consumption choices. This project employs interview data with both meat producers and consumers as well as a nationally representative survey of Canadians about their knowledge and practices when it comes to eating meat. It also uses computational and interpretive methods for documenting public discourses about meat. In another research collaboration with Clayton Childress, Craig Rawlings, and Jean-François Nault, he is working with American survey data about a wide range of cultural domains to advance our understanding of the social stratification of tastes and cultural consumption.

Recent Publications

Nault, Jean-François, Clayton Childress, Shyon Baumann, and Craig Rawlings. Forthcoming. “The Social Positions of Taste Between and Within Music Genres: From Omnivore to Snob” European Journal of Cultural Studies.

Baumann, Shyon, and Hamnah Majeed. 2020. “Framing economic inequality in the news in Canada and the United States.” Palgrave Communications 6, 42. [Open access]

Baumann, Shyon., Michelle Szabo, and Josée Johnston. 2019. “Understanding the food preferences of people of low socioeconomic status.” Journal of Consumer Culture, 19,3: 316–339.

Emily Huddart Kennedy, Shyon Baumann, and Josée Johnston. 2019. “Eating for Taste and Eating for Change: Ethical Consumption as a High-Status Practice.” Social Forces 98, 1: 381–402,

Oleschuk, Merin, Josée Johnston, and Shyon Baumann. 2019. “Maintaining Meat: Cultural Repertoires and the Meat Paradox in a Diverse Sociocultural Context.” Sociological Forum 34, 2: 337-360.

Baumann, Shyon. 2019. “Status, stand, capital, class: what do stratified patterns of cultural tastes mean?” British Journal of Sociology 70, 3: 882-886.

Bateman, Tyler, Shyon Baumann, and Josée Johnston. 2019. “Meat as benign, meat as risk: Mapping news discourse of an ambiguous issue.” Poetics 76.