PhD Forms and Guidelines

Most graduate student forms are available through the School of Graduate Studies.  The forms on this page are specific to the Sociology Department and do not replace the procedures required by the School of Graduate Studies.

Forms for Students

Annual Progress Report for PhD Students in Sociology

All students in the PhD program need to complete and submit this form each year by the beginning of May.  Download the form.

Comprehensive Examination Request Form

Notification of intent to take the comprehensive examination should be sent via email to the Graduate Program Assistant by November 1 for February exam or May 1 for August exam.  The completed request form is due to the Graduate Office after the group meeting occurs but no later than November 30 for the February exam or May 31 for the August exam. Download the form.

PhD Thesis Proposal Approval Form

Guidelines for completion and approval of the thesis proposal can be found here. Students must submit the Thesis Approval form along with an electronic copy of the proposal to the graduate office once their proposal has been reviewed and approved by their thesis committee. Download the form.

PhD Ethics Approval Application

In order for a student to create and submit a human research ethics protocol through MRHP, THEIR SUPERVISOR must FIRST assign their role via MRHP. Please note that the student’s access in MRHP will be active the day after the supervisor assigns the role or reassigns the protocol. For details on the Ethics Approval application process please click here. Students wishing to see the old Ethics Approval form for review can see the form here.

Final Oral Exam Guidelines

Guidelines for completing the Final Oral Exam can be found here.  Once the guidelines are reviewed the supervisor and student need to submit the Final Oral Exam Booking Request Form at least 8 weeks prior to the requested exam date.

Forms for Faculty

Comprehensive Examination Question Template

Comprehensive exams consist of three 2-question parts and we ask students to answer one question from each part. Download the template.  For students taking their second comprehensive exam, a shortened option is available upon request. Download the template.

Final Oral Exam Booking Request Form

Please submit this form to the Sociology graduate office at least 8 weeks prior to the requested exam date. Download the FOE Booking Request Form.  Guidelines for the Final Oral Exam booking can be found here.