Administrative Staff

The administrative staff included in this gallery include the staff housed at the St. George campus. Check out the UTM and UTSC webpages for information about the staff working in those offices.

The Office of the Chair of the St. George Campus Department

Tina Colomvakos
Assistant to the Chair

Having worked at the Sociology Department for over a dozen years, Tina knows us like no other. Tina works just outside of the Chair’s office and supports the work of the St. George Department Chair. If you are wandering around the Annex, you may also run into her when she is out on one of her vigorous walks around the neighbourhood during lunch or after hours.
Jeremy Nichols
Jeremy is the Department’s “Jack of all Trades,” who is equally versed at addressing problems with the photocopier as he is with tracking and publicizing functions. Stationed at the front desk, he addresses general inquiries and provides administrative assistance as needed. Off the clock, Jeremy has secret musical talents (ask him about his time as a Youtube sensation during the Rob Ford years).
Grace Ramirez
Business Officer
Grace oversees the department’s finances. Not only are we all in awe of her knowledge and financial acumen, she has also added a touch of class to the office surroundings. If you listen closely you can hear the orchestral tones of Bach and Chopin coming from her office. If it’s a Friday, you might even hear some Sinatra and the rat pack.

Graduate and Undergraduate Offices

Michelle Bailey
Graduate Office Assistant and Department Data Analyst
Michelle was born and raised in Oklahoma before finding herself relocated to the far north. Michelle helps facilitate the day-to-day needs of the graduate program. When she is not working, Michelle can be found cooking delectable homemade treats, eating candy, listening to true crime podcasts or playing various video games with her son.
Elysha Daya
Graduate Administrator
Elysha is the Graduate Administrator and loves to help her students succeed. When Elysha is out of the office, she is either watching The Office (her favourite TV show), cooking, spending time with family, or traveling the world! Elysha has quite the travel bug and loves to explore new countries.
Donna Ragbir
Undergraduate Administrator
Providing administrative support for the undergraduate programs with up to 1,200 students, Donna is an organizational powerhouse. She’s also our resident artist. Be sure to check her office walls for her latest works in oil on canvas.

Research and Technology Support

Sherri Klassen
Research Coordinator
Behind every great research project is a great research administrator. Sherri is ours. She supports the department’s researchers as they put together proposals for funding, navigate ethics review, and communicate their findings. She also maintains the research news parts of this website. In her off-time, Sherri dabbles in writing fiction and has a light-hearted blog about Mennonite life and cocktails

John Manalo
IT Administrator
Dubbed our departmental superhero, John does all things IT. John’s friendly demeanor, wit, and patient tone when dealing with our lack of computer know-how is what truly grants him superhero status. John is kept busy outside of the office running after his two little boys and hunting down bargains