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Plys, Kristin


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Kristin Plys

Assistant Professor


Kristin Plys received her PhD in sociology from Yale University in 2016 and has held visiting positions at the Georg-August-Universität-Göttingen in Göttingen, Germany, the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India, and at the Centre for Development Studies in Thiruvanathapuram, India. Before beginning her PhD, she was a researcher in Development Economics at Princeton University. Her undergraduate degree is in Cross-national Sociology and International Development from the Johns Hopkins University.

Her research sits at the intersection of political economy, postcolonial theory, sociology of development, labour and labour movements, historical sociology, and global area studies. The greater part of her intellectual work analyses the historical trajectory of global capitalism as seen from working class and anti-colonial movements in the Global South. This research program has led her to take a particular interest in “Third World” political economy in the mid-20th century, shifts in the global trade balance between Early Modern Europe and Asia, the theories of political economy that help to analyse these historical phenomena, along with temporality and historical method in the historical social sciences.

Recent Publications

Kristin Plys. (2020). “Brewing Resistance: Indian Coffee House and The Emergency in Postcolonial India” Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Kristin Plys. (2017). “Political Deliberation and Democratic Reversal in India: Indian Coffee House during The Emergency (1975-77) and the Third World ‘Totalitarian Moment’” Theory and Society 46(2): 117-142.

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Kristin Plys. (2016). “Worker Self-Management in the Third World, 1952-1979”, International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 57(1): 1-28.

Kristin Plys. (2014). “Financialization, Crisis, and the Development of Capitalism in the United States” World Review of Political Economy 5(1): 24-44.

Kristin Plys. (2013). “Eurocentrism and the Origins of Capitalism,” Review (Fernand Braudel Center) 36(1): 41-81.

Kristin Plys. (2012). “World Systemic and Kondratieff Cycles” Yale Journal of Sociology 9: 130-160.