Graduate Students

Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral Candidates are PhD students who have completed their course work, and comprehensive exams, and have successfully defended their Dissertation proposals.

Philip Badawy
A “Holy Grail” of Work and Family Life? Complicating Schedule Control as a Resource
Committee: Schieman (supervisor), Milkie, Schafer

Jean-Francois NaultJean-Francois Nault
Culture and Private School Choice: Uncovering the Cultural Dimensions of School Choice as Action
Committee: Childress and Baumann (Co-Supervisors), Davies
Aya Bar OzAya Bar Oz
The Sanctity of Life and Unsacred Death: Negotiating the Value of Life in the State Organization.
Committee: Levi (Supervisor), Dinovitzer, D. Silver
Paul Andrew NelsonPaul Andrew Nelson
Scaling-Up Local Food Systems: The Role of Cultural Intermediaries in Shaping Value and Transmitting Ideas about “Alternative” Food Production
Committee: Johnston (Supervisor), Baumann, Childress

Tyler BatemanTyler Bateman
Naturalist awakening: Disposition formation and autobiographical storytelling in naturalist awakening to the love of nature, practices to protect nature, and environmental justice
Committee: Johnston and Berrey (co-supervisors), Hannigan, Baber News

Andrew NevinAndrew Nevin
New Directions in Cyber-Criminology: Evaluating Alternative Explanations for Online Deviance
Committee: Kruttschnitt (supervisor), Miles,  Schieman News
Rene BogovicRene Bogovic
The Polyvalence of Language in Ethnoracial Categorization: A Case Study of Afrikaans
Committee: Landolt (Supervisor), Farah Schwartzmann, Baber
Jaime NikolauJaime Nikolaou
Gauging Longevity: Indicators from Canada’s Reproductive Health Movement
Committee: Taylor (Supervisor), Fox, Pettinicchio


James BraunJames Braun
Local Culture” and the Problem of Coordination: The Case of Jamaica’s Diasporic Real Estate Market
Committee: Landolt (Supervisor), Salem, Trotz

Jason PagaduanJason Pagaduan
Aging Fitness Communities: A Comparative Case Study of Active Aging Communities in Scarborough.
Committee: Baumann and Johnston (co-supervisors), Schafer

Gordon BrettGordon Brett
The Embodied Dimensions of Creativity
Committee: Leschziner (Supervisor), D. Silver, Mullen

Matt ParbstMatt Parbst
The Moderating Role of Social Policies on the Association between Social Inequalities and Mental Health: Evidence from the Effects of SES, Gender, and Marital Status on Depression
Committee: Wheaton (Supervisor), Milkie, Siddiqi, Boeckmann News

Milos BrocicMilos Brocic
Expression in Politics
Committee: Silver (Supervisor), Veugelers, Miles News

Shawn PerronShawn Perron
Moral Economies in Decline? Unions, Income Norms, and Inequality in American Communities
Committee: D. Silver (Supervisor), Dokshin, Pettinicchio, Wodtke News
Graduate student replacement imageBrigid Burke
Violence and Interactional Boundary Work: Understanding, Controlling & Challenging Violence through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Committee: J. Lee (Supervisor), D. Silver,  Paradis
Taylor Price
Songs and Songwriters in the Digital Age
Committee: Baumann (supervisor), Leschziner, Childress
Fernando Calderón Figueroa
The Spatial Context of Civic Engagement
Committee: D. Silver (Supervisor), Farah Schwartzman, Grigoryeva News
Kaitlyn QuinnKaitlyn Quinn
“Good intentions pave many roads. Not all of them lead to hell”: An investigation of Canadian voluntary organizations’ work with criminalized women
Committee: Goodman and Schneiderhan (co-supervisors), Smith
Marie-Lise Drappeau-BissonMarie-Lise Drappeau-Bisson
Iconicity, Commemoration and Aesthetic Evaluation: The Case of the Reception of Québec’s Feminist “Big Book” L’Euguélionne
Committee: Taylor (supervisor), Baumann, Johnston   News
Kate RozadKate Rozad
Spoiled Identity? Exploring Stigma and Reentry following Wrongful Imprisonment 
Committee: Goodman (Supervisor), Flores, Owusu-Bempah
Athena EngmanAthena Engman
Organ Transplantation and the Variability of ‘Embodied’ Experience
Committee: Leschziner (Supervisor), D. Silver, Bryant, Schneiderhan  News
Kerri ScheerKerri Scheer
Producing Law and Governance: A case study of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario Disciplinary Process
Committee: Maurutto (Supervisor), Goodman, Valverde
Cinthya Guzman
Boredom in (Inter)action: A Sociological Study
Committee: D.Silver (supervisor), Milkie, Fosse, Schneiderhan News
Rachel SchumannRachel Schumann
Families as Civilian Jailers: Exploring Accused-Family Relationships within the Context of Bail in Ontario
Committee: Kruttschnitt (Supervisor), Goodman, Dinovitzer
Bahar HashemiBahar Hashemi
Women’s Negotiations over Citizenship Rights in Mixed Status Families in Canada: The Case of Sponsored Spouses and Parents and Grandparents who Arrive through the Super Visa
Committee: Landolt (supervisor),  Cranford, Choo    News
Ioana SendroiuIoana Sendroiu
Inventing Law: Legitimating Post-World War Two Political Regimes in Romania and France.
Committee: Levi (Supervisor), Pernell, Dinovitzer, Liu News
Angela HickAngela Hick
Mark of the Non-Conviction Record: Police Contact and Employment Experiences
Committee: Welsh and Hannah-Moffat (Co-Supervisors), Goodman
Lance StewartLance Stewart
What it’s worth: Preferences and Expectations of Music Listeners in the Evaluation of Material Affordances.
Committee: Leschziner (Supervisor), D. Silver, Childress News
James JeongJames Jeong
A Special Type of Social Control?: Explaining Victimization and Delinquent Behaviours of Immigrants and Their Children.
Committee:  Boyd and Tanner (Co-supervisors), Fong
Haosen SunHaosen Sun
Social Networks in the Aging Process: Geographical Structure, Support Exchanges and Turnovers in Europe
Committee: Schafer (Supervisor), Boeckmann, Berry
Noga KeidarNoga Keidar
Cities and their Gurus: Why the Links Between Urban Studies and Cities Took the Shape of ‘Gurus’ and Their ‘Followers’? 
Committee:  D. Silver (Supervisor), Liu, Hannigan
Urban Clinic Page
Yukiko Tanaka
Decolonizing Immigrant Settlement: Immigrant Belonging in the Settler State
Committee: Cranford (supervisor), Farah Schwartzman, Adese
Graduate student replacement imageHammad Khan
The Crescent Moon through Maple Trees: An Examination of Settlement and National Belonging for Pakistani-Canadian Newcomers
Committee: Schneiderhan (supervisor), Korteweg, Maghbouleh, Plys
Chris TathamChris Tatham
Sexuality, Human Rights, Prevention and the Criminalization of Non-Disclosure of HIV in Canada
Committee: Green (Supervisor), Maurutto, Kruttschnitt
Yang-Sook KimYang-Sook Kim
The Politics of Care: A Comparative Study of Co-ethnic and Local Women Workers in the Domestic and Long-term Care Market of South Korea
Committee: Cranford (Supervisor), Choo, Chun
S.W. Underwood
Modern Daddies and Papas: Family, Parenting and Masculinities among Gay Co-Fathers
Committee: Fox (Supervisor), Taylor, Adam
James Gerald Patrick Lannigan
Discourse and Structure: An Examination of the Organizational Identities and Networks of Contemporary Specialty Coffee Retailers
Committee: Erickson (Supervisor), Childress, Johnston  
Anelyse WeilerAnelyse Weiler
The Periphery in the Core: Investigating Migration, Agrarian Citizenship and Metabolic Rift Through a Case Study of the Apple
Committee: Johnston (Supervisor), Chun, Whittman  News
Chang Z. LinChang Z. Lin
Theorizing Dormancy
Committee: Erickson (Supervisor), Schafer, Marin News
Man Xu (Angela)
Explaining Chinese Independent Migration to Iran: Dynamic Migration Trajectories and Flexible Adaptation 
Committee: Landolt and Hsiung (Co-supervisors), Hermer
Patricia LouiePatricia Louie
Complicating Race in the Study of Mental and Physical Health
Committee: Wheaton (Supervisor), Milkie, Siddiqi News
Catherine YehCatherine Yeh
Gender Inequality and Knowledge Production in the New Knowledge Economy
Committee: Baumann (supervisor), Dokshin, Johnston
Gabe MenardGabe Menard
Explaining Variation in the Development of Regulatory Regimes: Network Neutrality and Internet Service Provision Regulations in the U.S. and UK, 1984-2015
Committee: Veugelers (Supervisor), Pettinicchio, Pernell, Myles News
Burin YildiztekinBurin Yildiztekin
The Liminality, Mundanity and Sacredness of Place: The Case of the Western Wall
Committee: Z. Baber (Supervisor), Bryant, Ragab
Andreea MogosanuAndreea Mogosanu
Gender Inequality Taking a Long View
Committee: Dinovitzer (Supervisor),  Boeckmann, Schieman

PhD Students (pre-dissertation)

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