Ph.D. Candidate Jenna Valleriani writes on Medical Marijuana

Jenna Valleriani, PhD Candidate in Sociology and the Collaborative Program in Addiction Studies, regularly contributes to Lift: Canabis News Magazine. Her research looks at social movements, entrepreneurship and the emergence of new industries, focusing on the transition to the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulation in Canada. In this article, Jenna reviews the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Washington DC.

Canada is well represented at the semi-annual drug policy event.

Over 1,400 researchers, activists, students, patients, harm reductionists, drug users, organizations, policy makers and politicians gathered last weekend in Washington D.C for the International Drug Policy Reform Conference hosted by the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA).

From November 18 – 21st, people from all over the world discussed, debated and engaged in topics from psychedelic research, to the prescription pill panic, to cannabis regulation, reflecting a diverse movement with various interests. Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director of the DPA, framed wider drug policy reform as a movement about freedom and liberty – and positioned cannabis regulation as central to that movement.

Each breakout session had various panels focused on cannabis and regulation around the world, covering topics such as challenges to marijuana legalization, diversity and equity in the marijuana industry, drug prevention in the age of marijuana legalization, and cannabis regulation from around the world.

With panelists such as Florencia Lemos, co-founder of the CLUC Cannabis Club in Uruguay, Vicki Hansen, a PhD Candidate from the University of the West Indies, and Steve Rolles, senior policy analyst from Transform Drug Policy in the UK – just to name a few – there were certainly a variety of voices at the table. Read the rest of the article