Professor Eric Fong named Chanjiang Scholar

Congratulations to Professor Eric Fong who was recently named a Changjiang Scholar by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Also known as the Yangtze River award, this is the highest academic honour presented to individuals in the field of education.

Professor Fong has established himself as an expert in international migration and immigrant integration. He has made important contributions to the field through his work on residential patterns, entrepreneurship among immigrant, and the locational patterns of ethnic businesses. While he focused for many years on immigration in Canada, his most recent research agendas are examining migration patterns in China. Because China is undergoing a period of unprecedented migration, especially but not limited to rural Chinese moving to cities, Fong’s research has great resonance there and the potential to help solve pressing policy issues.

With the Changjiang award, Professor Fong will work with colleagues in Xian Jiaotung University to develop a collaborative research agenda exploring migration in the Chinese context. He will work with colleagues there on projects related to migrant workers in China. Migration of rural population to the city is considered as one of the largest internal migration flows in recent history. He brings to this collaboration both his knowledge of migration and his formidable expertise in building and analyzing large and complicated datasets.