St. George Courses


Our first year courses introduce students to the concepts and methods that sociologists use in analyzing and understanding the social world.  Students are challenged to rethink their assumptions as they explore the various topics studied and approaches used across the discipline.

Second year courses allow students to explore a particular area in depth and learn more about the research methods that sociologists use to understand the social world.

Our 300-level and 400-level courses delve deeply into specific topics and provide students with advanced skills development in critical thinking, analysis, and academic writing.  In addition to our regular courses, students may also enroll in an Independent Research Course to pursue a specific topic of interest.

Each year, we offer a rotation of “New Topics in Sociology” courses at the 200, 300 and 400 levels. These courses teach up-to date research and highlight areas of our faculty’s research expertise. See this year’s New Topics in Sociology.


Research Experience
Many of our courses offer students the experience to conduct their own research. Students might also apply to the University of Toronto Excellence Awards program to work with a faculty member during the summer term.
Study Abroad
Students who wish to take courses through a Study Abroad Program should consult with the transfer credit office. If the course you wish to take is not listed there, please submit a detailed syllabus of the course to the undergraduate chair, Christian Caron for assessment.

Course Offerings

Check the Arts and Science course calendar for restrictions, exclusions and for course descriptions, and the Arts and Science Timetable for course locations.

Fall and Winter 2020 -2021 Courses

Course TitleSectionDay TimeInstructor  
SOC100H1FIntroduction to Sociology I - Sociological PerspectivesL0101/L2000/L2001N.A.Robert Brym
SOC100H1SIntroduction to Sociology I - Sociological PerspectivesL5101/L2501N.A.Lorne Tepperman
SOC150H1SIntroduction to Sociology II - Sociological InquiriesL0101/L2002N.A.Lance Stewart
SOC196H1SGlobal Cities and Urban Refugees: Connecting South and NorthL0101TU11-1James Johnson
SOC197H1SFuture "Agents" & Social RelationsL0101M10-12William Magee
SOC201H1FClassical Sociological TheoryL0101/L9101M12-2Jack Veugelers
SOC201H1FClassical Sociological TheoryL0201/L9201W10-12Jack Veugelers
SOC201H1SClassical Sociological TheoryL5101W6-9Cinthya Guzman
SOC202H1FIntroduction to Quantitative Methods in SociologyL0101N.A.Fedor Dokshin
SOC202H1FIntroduction to Quantitative Methods in SociologyL5101W6-8Sharla Alegria
SOC202H1SIntroduction to Quantitative Methods in SociologyL0101M2-4Irene Boeckmann
SOC204H1FIntroduction to Qualitative Methods in SociologyL0101M:10-12Tahseen Shams
SOC204H1FIntroduction to Qualitative Methods in SociologyL0201N.A.Jooyoung Lee
SOC204H1SIntroduction to Qualitative Methods in SociologyL0101TH2-4James Lannigan
SOC205H1FUrban SociologyL0101W12-2Brent Berry
SOC207H1SSociology of Work and OccupationsL5101M6-8Sharla Alegria
SOC208H1SIntroduction to Social PolicyL0101M10-12Kim Pernell
SOC209H1FSexuality and ModernityL0101N.A.Adam Green
SOC210H1SSociology of Race and EthnicityL0101M12-2Tahseen Shams
SOC212H1FSociology of Crime and DevianceL5101/L6101TU6-8Steven Hayle
SOC212H1SSociology of Crime and DevianceL0101F12-2Steven Hayle
SOC220H1FSocial StratificationL0101TU10-12Jonathan Horowitz
SOC243H1FSociology of HealthL0101N.A.William Magee
SOC249H1FSociology of MigrationL0101TU2-4Yukiko Tanaka
SOC250Y1YSociology of ReligionL5101W6-8Joseph Bryant
SOC251H1FContemporary Sociological TheoryL5101TH6-9Joseph Bryant
SOC251H1SContemporary Sociological TheoryL0101W2-5Sebastien Parker
SOC252H1FIntermediate Quantitative Methods in SociologyL0101TU10-12Monica Alexander
SOC252H1SIntermediate Quantitative Methods in SociologyL5101TU6-8Chang Lin
SOC254H1FIntermediate Qualitative Methods in SociologyL0101N.A.Jooyoung Lee
SOC254H1SIntermediate Qualitative Methods in SociologyL0101M4-6Judith Taylor
SOC265H1FGender and SocietyL0101F10-12Brigid Burke
SOC270H1SIntroduction to Social NetworksL0101Online AsychronousFedor Dokshin
SOC280H1FSociology of CultureL0101TH12-2Catherine Yeh
SOC282H1SIntroduction to Social ProblemsL5101Online AsychronousRene Bogovic
SOC296H1SNew Topics: Sociology of EducationL0101TU2-4Jonathan Horowitz
SOC306H1FEconomic SociologyL0101/L0102M2-4Kim Pernell
SOC312H1FPopulation and SocietyL0101TH10-12Brent Berry
SOC321H1SStatus and Class MobilityL0101W2-5William Magee
SOC326H1FSocial ControlL5101W6-9Ioana Sendroiu
SOC330H1SSociology of AtrocitiesL0101M12-3Ron Levi
SOC331H1SSociology of TechnologyL0101M12-3Andrew Nevin
SOC335H1SUrban HealthL0101TH12-3Brent Berry
SOC340H1SComparative Political SociologyL0101TH3-6Yoonkyung Lee
SOC345H1SGlobal InequalityL5101M6-9Omar Faruque
SOC348H1FCulture and InequalityL0101TH2-5Bonnie Erickson
SOC349H1SDeconstructing "Muslim American" - Race, Nationalism, and ReligionL0101M3-6Tahseen Shams
SOC350H1FNew Topics: Social Policy and HousingL0101N.A.Alicia Eads
SOC351H1FNew Topics: Sociology of LGBTQ+ FamiliesL0101N.A.Spencer Underwood
SOC352H1FNew Topics: Theories of StratificationL0101TU2-5Jonathan Horowitz
SOC353H1FNew Topics: Debates in Contemporary TheoryL0101M3-6Jack Veugelers
SOC354H1SNew Topics: Sociology of MurderL0101Online AsychronousCaitlyn McGeer
SOC360H1SSocial MovementsL0101TU10-12Sebastien Parker
SOC363H1FSociology of Mental HealthL0101TH4-6Brigid Burke
SOC365H1SGender RelationsL0101Online AsychronousAdam Green
SOC367H1FRace, Class, and GenderL0101M4-6Judith Taylor
SOC372H1FTransnational AsiaL0101TH2-4Yoonkyung Lee
SOC386H1SNew Topics: Sociology of Hip HopL0101Online AsychronousTaylor Price
SOC387H1SNew Topics: Three Answers to the Jewish QuestionL0101W10-12Robert Brym
SOC388H1SSociology of Everyday LifeL0101W12-2Mohita Bhatia
SOC393H1SNew Topics: Consumer SocietyL0101F10-12Lorne Tepperman
SOC394H1SNew Topics: Rulers and RuledL0101Online AsychronousIrving Zeitlin
SOC395H1FNew Topics: Applied Statistics and Data Science in Jewish StudiesL0101N.A.Alexis Lerner
SOC408H1FAdvanced Studies in OrganizationsL0101M10-12Kim Pernell
SOC409H1SSexuality and Research DesignL0101TU4-6Adam Green
SOC412H1SMedicalization of DevianceL0101M4-6Steven Hayle
SOC463H1FMental Health and EducationL0101TH12-2Valerie Damasco
SOC465H1SAdvanced Studies in GenderL0101M10-12Spencer Underwood
SOC478H1SThe Social Context of Policy MakingL0101TU2-4Valerie Damasco
SOC481H1FCulture and Social NetworksL0101TU12-2Bonnie Erickson
SOC483H1FCulture and CognitionL0101W12-2James Lannigan
SOC485H1FNew Topics: Advanced Topics in Canadian CitiesL0101F2-4Amny Athamny
SOC489H1FNew Topics: Sociology of Art: Social Processes of Erasure and Rediscovery in Art WorldsL5101TH6-8Marie-Lise Drapeau-Bisson
SOC493H1SNew Topics: Housing Markets, Financial Crisis, and InequalityL0101TH10-12Alicia Eads
SOC494H1FNew Topics: Gender, Migration, and CitizenshipL0101M2-4Bahar Hashemi
SOC495H1SNew Topics: Migration and Settler ColonialismL0101M2-4Yukiko Tanaka
SOC496H1SNew Topics: Sociology of Free TimeL0101W12-2Brent Berry
SOC497H1SNew Topics: Advanced Quantitative Methods in SociologyL0101W3-6Cassandra Barber
SOC498H1FNew Topics: Advanced Qualitative Methods in SociologyL0101W2-5Jaime Nikolaou

Summer 2020 Courses

Course CodeSessionCourse TitleCapDays/TimeInstructorEmail
SOC100H1FLEC5101Introduction to Sociology - I - Sociological Perspectives165TTH6-9Jerry
SOC150H1SLEC5101Introduction to Sociology II - Sociological Inquiries90TTH6-9Lance
SOC201H1FLEC5101Classical Sociological Theory50TTH6-9Cinthya
SOC202H1FLEC0101Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Sociology50MW12-3:30Markus
SOC204H1FLEC0101Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Sociology40TTH12-3James
SOC205H1SLEC0101Urban Sociology40TTH2-4Amny
SOC209H1SLEC5101Sexuality and Modernity50MW6-8A.W.
SOC210H1FLEC0101Sociology of Race and Ethnicity40MW12-2Yukiko
SOC212H1FLEC5101Sociology of Crime & Deviance75MW6-8Chris
SOC214H1FLEC0101Family Patterns40MW4-6Spencer
SOC220H1FLEC0101Social Inequality in Canada40TTH10-12Ivanka
SOC243H1SLEC0101Sociology of Health and Illness50MW10-12Brigid
SOC251H1SLEC5101Contemporary Sociological Theory30TTH6-9Sebastien
SOC252H1SLEC0101Intermediate Quantitative Methods in Sociology20MW12-4Matt
SOC254H1SLEC0101Intermediate Qualitative Methods in Sociology25TTH12-3Cinthya
SOC293H1FLEC0101New Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Law40TTH4-6Ronit Dinovitzerronit.dinovitzer@utoronto.
SOC309H1FLEC0101HIV and AIDS: Social Policies and Programs55MW10-12Chris
SOC326H1FLEC0101Social Control25TTH12-3Erika
SOC331H1SLEC0101Technology and Society25TTH12-3Andrew
SOC345H1FLEC0101Global Inequality25MW12-3Rachel La
SOC350H1SLEC0101New Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Violence25MW12-3Ioana
SOC351H1SLEC0101New Topics in Sociology: Sociology of LGBTQ+ Families25TTH10-1Spencer
SOC360H1SLEC0101Social Movements40TTH10-12Sebastien
SOC363H1SLEC0101Sociology of Mental Health40TTH4-6Amy
SOC365H1SLEC0101Gender Relations40MW4-6Brigid
SOC370H1SLEC0101Immigration and Employment40MW10-12Rene
SOC381H1FLEC0101Culture and Inequality40MW4-6Ioana
SOC394H1FLEC0101New Topics in Sociology: Immigration and Crime Control40TTH4-6Jerry
SOC412H1SLEC5101Medicalization of Deviance15TTH6-8Amy
SOC422H1SLEC5101Advanced Studies in Political Sociology15MW6-8Sebastien
SOC486H1SLEC5101Advanced Topics in Urban Sociology15TTH6-8James
SOC493H1FLEC5101New Topics in Sociology: Mental Health and Education15TTH6-8Rachel La
SOC494H1SLEC0101New Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Masculinities15MW2-4Chris
SOC496H1FLEC0101New Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Human Rights15TTH2-4Ioana

Syllabi from Previous Years

Our syllabus archive contains the syllabi from courses offered since 2012.