Stories of Teaching and Learning


Our faculty, teaching assistants and students are passionate about sociology. You can learn more about them by checking their faculty profile or by following the news stories posted here.


We are proud of the excellent work done by the students in our undergraduate program. Every year, we honour some of the top students with awards in recognition of their achievements. We give out 15 awards annually to students at various stages of their academic program. You can read about the awards and their recipients here.

The Lorne Tepperman Prize in Public Sociology at the University of Toronto

In addition to our regular honours, the Lorne Tepperman Prize is awarded to the undergraduate student who has submitted the best paper on a topic of social significance in Canada at the time of submission, as chosen by a committee. The paper should be written for a general, not academic audience, may not exceed 1000 words in length, and must be based on a paper submitted for credit the same year in a sociology course on the St. George campus. See a list of previous winners and copies of their papers.


We have all sorts of advice to help you make the most out of your time studying sociology at the University of Toronto. Some of the advice will help with all your courses (and might even be useful after you graduate). Other advice is specific to Sociology. Take a look at our advice here.