The Lorne Tepperman Prize in Public Sociology

The Lorne Tepperman Prize in Public Sociology is awarded to the undergraduate student who has submitted the best paper on a topic of social significance in Canada at the time of submission, as chosen by a committee. The paper should be written for a general, not academic audience, may not exceed 1000 words in length, and must be based on a paper submitted for credit the same year in a sociology course on the St. George campus.



Danielle Vaughan- Bonas



Miao Wang, International Students: The New Underclass


Iris Gatea, The Camp: Modernized, But Forever a Landscaper

Anastasia Logotheti, Rape Culture’s Presence on Social Media

Julia Posteraro, Target Canada’s Failure

Lucien Rodriguez, The Role of Technology in Shaping College Student Interactions: A Qualitative Study of Canadian Students