The Transgressive Practices of Teaching Qualitative Research

QI special issueProfessor Ping-Chun Hsiung recently served as the guest editor for a Special Issue of Qualitative Inquiry called “Teaching Qualitative Research as Transgressive Practices” (February 2016: 22 (2). This issue breaks new ground by recognizing teaching as an essential means for the production and reproduction of Qualitative Research. It sees the teaching of Qualitative Research as involving a set of transgressive practices that sustain and realize critical perspectives and practices.
The Issue includes four full-length articles contributed by qualitative practitioners from the geopolitical South, an aboriginal scholar within the Western core, and a scholar in a health science field. It also includes five shorter articles that address key concepts and principles of Qualitative Research. Taken together, these articles challenge the field to recognize the ways in which the practice and process of teaching qualitative inquiry can serve as a channel of transformation.