Under the Sea

Hannigan GeopoliticsProfessor John Hannigan has recently published a new book investigating the ways in which we think about and govern the seas.

The publisher has this to say about Professor Hannigan’s book:

Long regarded as an empty and inhospitable environment, the deep ocean is rapidly emerging as an ecological hot spot with a remarkable diversity of biological life. Yet, the world’s oceans are on a dangerous trajectory of decline, threatened by acidification, oil and gas drilling, overfishing and, in the long term, deep-sea mining. Bio-prospecting and geo-engineering.

In The Geopolitics of Deep Oceans, noted environmental sociologist John Hannigan examines the past, present and future of our planet’s ‘final frontier’. The author argues that our understanding of the deep – its definition, boundaries, value, ownership, health and future state – depends on whether we see it first and foremost as a resource cornucopia, a political chessboard, a shared commons or a unique and threatened ecology. He concludes by locating a new narrative that imagines the oceans as a canary-in-the-mineshaft for gauging the impact of global climate change.

The Geopolitics of Deep Oceans is a unique introduction to the geography, law, politics and sociology of the sub-surface ocean. It will appeal to anyone seriously concerned about the present state and future fate of the largest single habitat for life on our planet.