Graduate Courses

graduate students in class 3The Department normally offers about 25 half‑courses per academic year. Current offerings and information about enrolling in courses are listed here. We offer required courses every year and try also to offer a core course in each of our eight areas of research specialization annually (guaranteed to be once every two years). We offer other courses when faculty resources are available and when experience has shown them to be reasonably well attended. Courses in sequences are not prerequisites for later courses in the same sequence; for example, Network Analysis I is not a prerequisite for Network Analysis II.

Students may take a reading course in years when the department is not offering a course in the same sub‑field.  Before enrolling, students need to arrange the course with a member of the Sociology Department graduate faculty who will be on campus over the required 12‑week period and is willing to meet with the student on a regular basis. The student and faculty member should arrange the content, mode of assessment and frequency of meetings for any reading course and seek approval from the Associate Chair, Graduate Studies.

The following table includes all of the courses that we regularly teach, organized by area of study. It does not include the full year Research Practicum which is offered ever year to second year PhD students, or the Professional Seminar.  We have indicated the required courses for the MA program in bold and the courses required for the PhD program in italics.

Sociology of Crime and LawCultureGender & FamilyHealth & Mental HealthImmigration & EthnicityNetworks & CommunityQualitative MethodsQuantitative MethodsPolitical SociologyWork, Stratification and MarketsTheoryProfessional
SOC 6006H Deviance ISOC 6516H Sociology of CultureSOC 6019H Gender Relations ISOC 6022H Sociology of HealthSOC 6002H Immigration ISOC 6008H Network Analysis ISOC 6303H Ethnography (formerly "Field Methods")SOC 6302H Statistics for SociologistsSOC 6010H Political Sociology ISOC 6012H Sociology of Work ISOC 6001H Sociological Theory ISOC 6511H Professional Development Seminar I
SOC 6106H Deviance IISOC 6517H Culture and CognitionSOC 6119H Gender Relations IISOC 6023H Sociology of Mental Health ISOC 6003H Immigration IISOC 6108H Network Analysis IISOC 6712H Qualitative Methods ISOC 6707H Intermediate Data AnalysisSOC 6110H Political Sociology IISOC 6112H Sociology of Work IISOC 6101H Sociological Theory IISOC 6711Y Research Practicum
SOC 6206H The Sociology of Deviance and ControlSOC 6518H Culture IndustriesSOC 6219H Gender Relations IIISOC 6024H Special Topics in HealthSOC 6009H Ethnicity ISOC 6713H Qualitative Methods IISOC 6708H Advanced Data AnalysisSOC 6210H Political Sociology IIISOC 6013H Social Inequality ISOC 6201H Sociological Theory IIISOC 6811H Seminar in Teaching
SOC 6306H Sociology of Law (Law 279H)SOC 6519H Sociology of FoodSOC 6017H Sociology of Families ISOC 6109H Ethnicity IISOC 6113H Social Inequality IISOC6301H Sociological Theory IVSOC 6611H Professional Seminar II
SOC 6123H Sociology of AddictionSOC6520H Special Topics in Sociology of CultureSOC 6117H Sociology of Families IISOC 6401H Special Topics in Sociological Theory