Graduate Courses from Previous Years


Course CodeSessionCourse TitleInstructorScheduleRoom No
SOC6010HFall 2021Political Sociology I: An OverviewJack VeugelersTUES 9am-11amSee Syllabus
SOC6023HFall 2021Sociology of Mental HealthBlair WheatonMON 4pm-6pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6101HFall 2021Contemporary Sociological TheoryTHURS 3pm-6pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6112HFall 2021Work, Stratification and Markets II: Work and GenderSharla AlegriaWED 4pm-6pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6219HFall 2021Gender III: Feminist Methodologies
Judith TaylorTHURS 12pm-3pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6302HFall 2021Stats for Sociologists (MA students)Andrew MilesMON 1pm-3pm (Class) 3pm-4pm (Lab)240 (36 Lab)
SOC6309HFall 2021Indigeneity IRobin Gray & Yvonne SherwoodFRI 11am-1pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6511HFall 2021Pro-Seminar IMelissa MilkieFRI 1pm-3pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6516HFall 2021Culture I: Sociology of Culture
Josée Johnston & Shyon BaumannTUES 11am-1pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6611HFall 2021Pro-Seminar IIMelissa Milkie & Markus SchaferTHURS 10am-12pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6711YFall 2021Research PracticumRonit Dinovitzer & Yoonkyung LeeWED 10am-1pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6712HFall 2021Qualitative Methods IJessica FieldsTUES 2pm-5PM240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6001HWinter 2022Classical Sociological TheoryZaheer BaberFRI 1pm-3pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6002HWinter 2022Immigration I (survey)Fidan ElciogluMON 1pm-3pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6012HWinter 2022Work, Stratification and Markets I: Economic SociologyAngelina GrigoryevaFRI 3pm-5pm385 (See Syllabus)
SOC6022HWinter 2022Sociology of HealthWilliam MageeFRI 10am-1pm385 (See Syllabus)
SOC6101HWinter 2022Contemporary Sociological TheoryLuisa Farah SchwartzmanMON 3pm-5pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6106HWinter 2022Sociology of Crime and Law II: Sociology of LawSida LiuWED 4pm-6pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6108HWinter 2022Networks II (network analysis)Chris SmithTHURS 9am-12pm385 (See Syllabus)
SOC6110HWinter 2022Political Sociology II: Events and turbulent timesRon LeviTUES 10am-12pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6119HWinter 2022Gender II: Core Feminist TheoryHae Yeon Choo & Anna KortewegTHURS 12pm-2pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6302HWinter 2022Stats for SociologistsEthan FosseTUES 2pm-4pm (Class) 4pm-5pm (Lab)240 (36 Lab)
SOC6707HWinter 2022Intermediate Data AnalysisMonica AlexanderMON 10am-1pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6708HWinter 2022Advanced Data AnalysisBlair WheatonTHURS 4pm-6pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6711YWinter 2022Research PracticumRonit Dinovitzer & Ann MullenWED 10am-1pm240 (See Syllabus)
SOC6811HWinter 2022Seminar in TeachingKathy LiddleTHURS 2pm-4pm385 (See Syllabus)
SOC6712HSSummer 2022 (July-August)Qualitative Methods IYoonkyung LeeTUES/THURS 9am - 11amOnline
SOC6209HFSummer 2022Ethnicity III (Indigeneity II)Jennifer AdeseMON/WED 10am-1pmOnline
SOC6017HFSummer 2022Sociology of Families IRania SalemTUES/THURS 10am-12pm240


Course CodeSessionCourse TitleInstructor
SOC6022H1FSummer 2021Sociology of Health: Population HealthBrent Berry
SOC6030H1FSummer 2021Quasi-Experimental MethodsDavid Pettinicchio
SOC6712H1FSummer 2021Qualitative Methods IJessica Fields
SOC6302HWinter 2021Stats for Sociologists (MA)Irene Boeckmann
SOC6012HWinter 2021Work, Stratification & Markets I: Economic Sociology Kim Pernell-Gallagher
SOC6209HWinter 2021Ethnicity III: Indigeneity II - Research and Indigenous PeoplesRobin Gray
SOC6101HWinter 2021Sociological Theory II (Contemporary)Erik Schneiderhan
SOC6516HWinter 2021Sociology of CultureAnn Mullen
SOC6711YWinter 2021Research PracticumMarkus Schafer/Josee Johnston
SOC6022HWinter 2021Sociology of HealthNicholas Spence
SOC6019HWinter 2021Gender I (survey course)Cynthia Cranford
SOC6712HWinter 2021Qualitative Methods IJoe Hermer
SOC6401HWinter 2021Theory and Method in Historical SociologyJoe Bryant
SOC6707HWinter 2021Intermediate Data AnalysisMonica Alexander
SOC6210HWinter 2021Political Sociology III: Social MovementsYoonkyung Lee
SOC6001HWinter 2021Sociological Theory I (classical)Steve Hoffman
SOC6811HWinter 2021Seminar in Teaching (4th Yr+ SOC PhD)Kathy Liddle
SOC6108HFall 2020Networks IIFedor Dokshin
SOC6219HFall 2020Gender III: Gender & Work Sharla Alegria
SOC6009HFall 2020Ethnicity I (Survey Course)Tahseen Shams
SOC6406HFall 2020Advanced Topics in Sociology of Crime & Law II: Punishment on the Margins of the StateGail Super
SOC6110HFall 2020Political Sociology II: Political Economy
SOC6302HFall 2020Stats for Sociologists (MA)Andrew Miles
SOC6711YFall 2020Research PracticumMarkus Schafer/Hae Yeon Choo
SOC6001HFall 2020Sociological Theory I (Classical)Jack Veugelers
SOC6101HFall 2020Sociological Theory II (Contemporary)Sida Liu
SOC6518HFall 2020Culture IndustriesClayton Childress
SOC6119HFall 2020Gender II: Sexuality & Social TheoryAdam Green
SOC6511HFall 2020Professional Development Seminar I (1st Yr SOC PhD only)Melissa Milkie
SOC6611HFall 2020Professional Development Seminar II (3rd Yr SOC PhD only)Melissa Milkie
SOC6002HSummer 2020Immigration IPatricia Landolt
SOC6209HSummer 2020Ethnicity III: Indigenous Social and Political ThoughtJennifer Adese
SOC6022HSummer 2020Sociology of Health: Population HealthBrent Berry


Course CodeSessionCourse TitleInstructor
SOC6511HFall 2019Pro-Seminar IMelissa Milkie
SOC6511YFall 2019Pro-Seminar IIMelissa Milkie
SOC6302HFall 2019Stats for SociologistsMarkus Schafer
SOC6001HFall 2019Sociological Theory I (Classical)Steve Hoffman
SOC6010HFall 2019Political Sociology IJack Veugelers
SOC6119HFall 2019Gender II: Core Feminist TheoryHae Yeon Choo
SOC6006HFall 2019Crime and Law IJerry Flores
SOC6101HFall 2019Sociological Theory II (Contemporary)Erik Schneiderhan
FST1000HFall 2019Food, Culture & SocietyJosee Johnston & Shyon Baumann
SOC6517HFall 2019Culture and CognitionVanina Leschziner
SOC6008HFall 2019Networks IBonnie Erickson
SOC6303HFall 2019Qualitative Methods III: EthnographyJoe Hermer
SOC6712HFall 2019Qualitative Methods IJudy Taylor
SOC6711YFall 2019Research PracticumPing-Chun Hsiung & Markus Schafer
SOC6414HWinter 2020Urban Political EconomyJohn Hannigan
SOC6101HWinter 2020Sociological Theory II (Contemporary)Dan Silver
SOC6708HWinter 2020Advanced Data Analysis: Age-Period Cohort ModelsEthan Fosse
SOC6302HWinter 2020Stats for SociologistsIrene Boeckmann
SOC6707HWinter 2020Intermediate Data AnalysisBlair Wheaton
SOC6003HWinter 2020Immigration IIClaudia Diehl (Visiting)
SOC6406HWinter 2020Advanced Topics in Crime and Law II: Law, Politics & GlobalizationRon Levi & Sida Liu
SOC6001HWinter 2020Sociological Theory I (Classical)
SOC6712HWinter 2020Qualitative Methods IJudy Taylor
SOC6711YWinter 2020Research PracticumPing-Chun Hsiung & Andrew Miles
SOC6506HWinter 2020Advanced Topics in Crime and Law III: Policing and SocietyAkwasi Owusu-Bempah


Course No.SessionCourse TitleInstructor
JTH3000HFall 2018Ethnic Relations Theory, Research & PolicyMorton Weinfeld
SOC6511HFall 2018Professional Development Seminar IMarkus Schafer
SOC6516HFall 2018Sociology of CultureShyon Baumann
SOC6108HFall 2018Network Analysis IIFedor Dokshin
SOC6302HFall 2018Stats for Sociologists (MA)Irene Boeckmann
SOC6811HFall 2018Seminar in Teaching (4th Yr +) Christian Caron
SOC6711YFall 2018 Research PracticumJosee Johnston / Ron Levi
SOC6022HFall 2018Sociology of Health: Population HealthBrent Berry
SOC6001HFall 2018Sociological Theory I (Classical)Christian Caron
SOC6009HFall 2018Ethnicity I: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity: Theories and ApproachesLuisa Farah Schwartzman
SOC6401HFall 2018Special Topics in Sociological Theory: Theory and Method in Historical SociologyJoseph Bryant
SOC6119HFall 2018Gender Relations II: Sexuality and Social TheoryAdam Green
SOC6708HFall 2018Advanced Data Analysis II: Analysis of Longitudinal/Panel DataAndrew Miles
SOC6024HWinter 2019Special Topics in HealthMarkus Schafer
SOC6201HWinter 2019Sociological Theory III: Conservative Social ThoughtDan Silver
SOC6219HWinter 2019Gender Relations III: Feminist MethodsJudy Taylor
SOC6017HWinter 2019Sociology of Families IRania Salem
SOC6101HWinter 2019Sociological Theory II (Contemporary)Vanina Leschziner
SOC6001HWinter 2019Sociological Theory I (Classical)Christian Caron
SOC6518HWinter 2019Culture IndustriesClayton Childress
SOC6206H Winter 2019Sociology of Crime & Law III: PunishmentPaula Maurutto
SOC6711YWinter 2019Research PracticumJosee Johnston / Phil Goodman
SOC6712HWinter 2019Qualitative Methods IAshley Rubin
SOC6312HWinter 2019Work, Strat & Markets IV: Stratification and InequalityGeoff Wodtke
SOC6707HWinter 2019Intermediate Data AnalysisBlair Wheaton
SOC6106HWinter 2019Sociology of Crime & Law II: Law, Race and RacismEllen Berrey
SOC6003HWinter 2019Immigration II: Power, Im/migration, RaceFidan Elcioglu
SOC6110H1FSummer 2019Political Sociology IIIto Peng
SOC6002H1FSummer 2019Immigration IPatricia Landolt
SOC6019H1FSummer 2019Gender I: Gender Differences, Divisions and InequalitiesCynthia Cranford


Course No.SessionCourse TitleInstructor
SOC6001HFall 2017Classical Sociological TheorySteve Hoffman
SOC6210HFall 2017Political Sociology III: Social MovementsYoonkyung Lee
SOC6611YFall 2017Pro SeminarMelissa Milkie
SOC6306HFall 2017Sociology of LawSida Liu
SOC6711YFall 2017Research PracticumShyon Baumann/ Yoonkyung Lee
SOC6110HFall 2017Political Sociology II: Social PolicyDavid Pettinicchio
SOC6708HFall 2017Advance Data AnalysisGeoff Wodtke
SOC6119HFall 2017Gender Relations II: Feminist TheoryHae Yeon Choo
SOC6002HFall 2017Immigration I – surveyMonica Boyd
SOC6008HFall 2017Networks IBonnie Erickson
SOC6303HFall 2017Qualitative Methods III: EthnographyRandol Contreras
SOC6006HFall 2017Deviance ICandace Kruttschnitt
SOC6302HFall 2017MA Stats for SociologistsAndrew Miles
SOC6010HWinter 2018Political Sociology IJack Veugelers
SOC6009HWinter 2018Ethnicity ILuisa Farah Schwartzman
SOC6711YWinter 2018Research PracticumShyon Baumann/Melissa Milkie
SOC6707HWinter 2018Intermediate Data AnalysisBlair Wheaton
SOC6712HWinter 2018Qualitative Methods IAshley Rubin
SOC6101HWinter 2018Contemporary Sociological TheoryErik Schneiderhan
SOC6516HWinter 2018Sociology of CultureAnn Mullen
SOC6024HWinter 2018Special Topics in Health: The Sociology of Job Stress-Individual, Occupational and Contextual PerspectivesScott Schieman
SOC6106HWinter 2018Deviance IIJulian Tanner
SOC6713HWinter 2018Qualitative Methods IIPing-Chun Hsiung
SOC6109H1FSummer 2018Ethnicity IINeda Maghbouleh
SOC6022H1FSummer 2018Sociology of Health and IllnessBill Magee
SOC6019H1FSummer 2018Gender Relations IBonnie Fox