Current Graduate Course Offerings

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Students need to register with the School of Graduate Studies before enrolling in classes. Registration opens on August 1st and students may begin enrolling in classes any time after they are registered.

The Sociology Department conducts graduate student enrolment in person. Please pick up a course enrolment form from the SGS website or the graduate office, complete it and submit it back to the graduate office.

Students outside the Department of Sociology must submit a Course Add form to the Sociology Graduate Office to request enrolment in Sociology courses. The form must be completed and signed by the student’s home Graduate Chair/Coordinator and the instructor of the course for the request to be considered. Sociology students taking courses outside of the Department of Sociology should check with the individual units as to their enrolment procedures as these vary by unit.

Course Listing

Fall term classes begin September 11th. Registration opens August 1st. Course delivery method is indicated below, but may change at any time. Please see syllabus or check with instructor for specific details.

Winter term classes begin the week of January 7th.

Summer term classes begin the week of May 4th. All courses will be held in the ‘F sessions’ (May – June).  Courses will be held remotely. Instructors will communicate the online platform to be used.

We hold all classes at the Department of Sociology, 725 Spadina Avenue, unless indicated otherwise.

Note that courses in sequences are not prerequisites for later courses in the same sequence. For example, Network Analysis I is not a prerequisite for Network Analysis II. View the course listing below.

Course CodeSessionCourse TitleInstructorScheduleRoom No
SOC6002HSummer 2020Immigration IPatricia LandoltMON & WED 10am-12pmRm. 240
SOC6209HSummer 2020Ethnicity III: Indigenous Social and Political ThoughtJennifer AdeseTUES & THURS 10am-1pmRm. 240
SOC6022HSummer 2020Sociology of Health: Population HealthBrent BerryWED 12pm-2pm & FRI 10am-12pmRm. 240
SOC6108HFall 2020Networks IIFedor DokshinMON 9am-11am (Online Only)NA
SOC6219HFall 2020Gender III: Gender & Work Sharla AlegriaMON 11am-2pm (Dual Delivery)See Syllabus
SOC6009HFall 2020Ethnicity I (Survey Course)Tahseen ShamsMON 2pm-4pm (Online Only)NA
SOC6406HFall 2020Advanced Topics in Sociology of Crime & Law II: Punishment on the Margins of the StateGail SuperMON 4pm-6pm (Dual Delivery)See Syllabus
SOC6110HFall 2020Political Sociology II: Political EconomyKristin PlysTUES 10am-12pm (Online Only)NA
SOC6302HFall 2020Stats for Sociologists (MA)Andrew MilesTUES 2pm-4pm (class) & TUES 4pm-5pm (lab) (See Syllabus)See Syllabus
SOC6711YFall 2020Research PracticumMarkus Schafer/Hae Yeon ChooWED 10am-1pm (Online Only)NA
SOC6001HFall 2020Sociological Theory I (Classical)Jack VeugelersWED 4pm-6pm (Dual Delivery)See Syllabus
SOC6101HFall 2020Sociological Theory II (Contemporary)Sida LiuTHURS 9am-11am (Dual Delivery)See Syllabus
SOC6518HFall 2020Culture IndustriesClayton ChildressTHURS 2pm-4pm (Online Only)NA
SOC6119HFall 2020Gender II: Sexuality & Social TheoryAdam GreenTHURS 4pm-6pm (Dual delivery)See Syllabus
SOC6511HFall 2020Professional Development Seminar I (1st Yr SOC PhD only)Melissa MilkieFRI 12pm-2pm (Online Only)NA
SOC6611HFall 2020Professional Development Seminar II (3rd Yr SOC PhD only)Melissa MilkieFRI 2pm-4pm (Online Only)NA
SOC6302HWinter 2021Stats for Sociologists (MA)Irene BoeckmannMON 11am-1pm (class) & TUES 4pm-5:30pm (lab)See Syllabus
SOC6012HWinter 2021Work, Stratification & Markets I: Economic Sociology Kim Pernell-GallagherMON 1pm-3pmSee Syllabus
SOC6209HWinter 2021Ethnicity III: Indigeneity II - Research and Indigenous PeoplesRobin GrayMON 3pm-5pmSee Syllabus
SOC6101HWinter 2021Sociological Theory II (Contemporary)Erik SchneiderhanTUES 12pm-2pmSee Syllabus
SOC6516HWinter 2021Sociology of CultureAnn MullenTUES 2pm-4pmSee Syllabus
SOC6711YWinter 2021Research PracticumMarkus Schafer/Josee JohnstonWED 10am-1pmSee Syllabus
SOC6022HWinter 2021Sociology of HealthNicholas SpenceWED 4pm-6pmSee Syllabus
SOC6019HWinter 2021Gender I (survey course)Cynthia CranfordTHURS 11am-1pmSee Syllabus
SOC6712HWinter 2021Qualitative Methods IJoe HermerTHURS 1pm-3:30pmSee Syllabus
SOC6401HWinter 2021Theory and Method in Historical SociologyJoe BryantTHURS 4pm-6pmSee Syllabus
SOC6707HWinter 2021Intermediate Data AnalysisMonica AlexanderFRI 9am-12pmSee Syllabus
SOC6210HWinter 2021Political Sociology III: Social MovementsYoonkyung LeeFRI 1pm-3pmSee Syllabus
SOC6001H Winter 2021Sociological Theory I (classical)Steve HoffmanFRI 3pm-6pmSee Syllabus
SOC6811HWinter 2021Seminar in Teaching (4th Yr+ SOC PhD)Kathy LiddleTHURS 3pm-5pmSee Syllabus
SOC6030HSummer 2021Quasi-Experimental MethodsDavid PettinicchioTUES & THURS 11am-1pmTBD
SOC6712HSummer 2021Qualitative Methods IJessica FieldsTUES & THURS 2pm-4pmTBD


*Day/Time listings are tentative and subject to change.

Course length and weight are indicated by either ‘H’ or ‘Y’:
H = One-term course, which grants a half credit (e.g. SOC 6—HF)
Y = Two-term or three-term course, which grants a full credit (e.g. SOC 6—Y)

The term in which a course is offered during the Fall/Winter session is indicated by either ‘F’, ‘S’ or ‘Y’:
F = First-term/Fall-term course, which runs September to December (e.g. SOC 6—HF)
S = Second-term/Winter-term course, which runs January to April (e.g. SOC6—HS)
Y = Two-term course, which runs September to April, or three-term course, which runs May to April (e.g. SOC 6—Y)

The term in which a course is offered during the Summer session is indicated by either ‘F’, ‘S’ or ‘Y’:
F = First-term course, which runs May to June (e.g. SOC 6—HF)
S = Second-term course, which runs July to August (e.g. SOC6—HS)
Y = Two-term course, which runs May to August (e.g. SOC 6—Y)